One thing that is for sure is that we are getting a good look at a lot of players this year .

On the positive side , this can bode well for next year . The world longest training camp :slight_smile:

This week we will see Onrea Jones , Gable , more of Lamar , another week of the same DLINE. we will see Isaac on specials and Murray and Bussey at LB . Murray cam play DB as well . We will also see Davis at coner and more of Brown and Hobbs at half .

As painfull as this is the cream will rise to the top . Payers such Braux , Harris and Hobbs have had very good debuts and could be stalwarts

I think we will see a good game form Bussey today . This guy had a great career at Illionois and has been playing good on specials and been eased into the cfl game ...he is likely chomping at the bit to get in there and now is his cahnce to shine . I am hoping Marshall and Norwood take steps forward saturday as well.

Here are sme notes on Bussey :

He played SAM linebacker in COLLGE but that usually means WIl in the CFL

July 2011 with New Orleans Saints :

Former Illinois linebacker Nate Bussey, one of two seventh-round picks, took snaps on defense and was featured prominently in special teams' drills.
Voted the Special Teams Player of the Year for Illinois last season by his teammates, Bussey said he expects to earn his initial playing time through kickoff and punt coverage and blocking.
"Special teams is where I plan on making my first impact," said Bussey, who received honorable mention for the All-Big Ten team. "I'll be ready when my number is called for on defense, but I don't take special teams lightly. That's how I started in college, and I still played there my whole career, even when I was staring my last two years."

I'm looking forward to seeing Brown playing short-side half. How will he play against the better receivers on this side? If he's as good as he seems to be so far, having him and Breaux together could be a really good combination. And I also thought Hobbs looked good as well on Sunday - again, possibly because he was playing field-side and not up against the Riders's top receivers. But the secondary is finally starting to come together, if they can just stay health [knock wood].

And finitely good to have two of our starting receivers come off the injury list. Only two more to go.

With Gable back, does anyone think we'll actually try running the ball? Anyone?

Hobbs, Brown and Breaux have all been solid. The secondary has actually been a pleasant surprise so far. It's the front seven that needs help.

Have to wait for the depth chart to come out later today,see who is on and off the roster.Do agree though our young secondary is improving and showing at least some potential,only thing that has me concerned though is the starting of training camp cast-off Davis.The Roughies will probably definetly target him early and often,lets hope that he doesn't get lit up like a christmas tree out there.Incredibly it looks like we could be starting 9 rooks on D. this game,after starting 7 and 6 in the last two games before this. J.J. must feel awful lonely out there,kinda like a teacher in grade one,with all the youngsters around!! At least on offence we get back two vets.(STALA,JONES)to help out Hank.Ah well!!! eventually Austin will figure out this jig-saw puzzle and hopefully all the pieces will finally fit into place.

What is happening now is what needed to happen two years ago. Evaluate players and determine if they are good enough
to play full time . Too often in the past the Ticats have fielded a defensive line up low on talent and just tried
to make it work. WE have had some good coaches who tried to squeeze the lemon but ended up with poor results
because the talent just wasn't there. ( especially in the secondary and D-line ). Good coaches ( GM's )get rid of players
who won't or can't perform and replace them with players who can. I went to one game last year , first game against
Saskatchewan. I hated what I saw because it was the same problems as the year before. A weak secondary and a soft
front seven. I vowed that I wouldn't go to any games until I saw a genuine effort to fix it. Those same problems were
there in game 18 . Same as game 1. This year is different . I will go to every game because I can see an effort to
upgrade talent on D. I like what Austin is doing and I believe that before the season is done we will have a team we can be proud of. It be uncomfortable for a while , like a new pair of shoes, eventually it will work out.

This is suppose to be a pro team with the best product on the field each and every game/season.
TANKING does not work in the CFL to get a good draft pick. With the average career of a player SO short spending a season figuring out what you got is not an option. Pick up the pace Ticats or everyone is potentially looking at getting the pink slip.

I never realized the Cats were tanking all those years to get the good draft picks. Most Canadian draft picks are mediocre at best. The best Canadians to draft are usually linemen.