Our Road to Winning Grey Cup '09

We've got four games left to till we're engraved as winners on the Cup. It'll look like this (to me, how about you ?).

Nov. 8: Win vs. Winnipeg
Nov. 15: Win at Home vs. Winnipeg
Nov. 22: Win vs. Montreal
Nov. 29 Grey Cup win vs. Saskatchewan

Looks good to me :smiley:

Not possible.
If we beat Winnipeg Sunday they are eliminated.

So it would have to be...

Nov 15 Win at Home vs. BC or EDM


Opps, how about this:

Nov. 8: Win vs. Winnipeg
Nov. 15: Win at Home vs. BC
Nov. 22: Win vs. Montreal
Nov. 29 Grey Cup win vs. Saskatchewan

Looks good to me :smiley:

where would the final be held

The Grey Cup is played in a different city every year, determined 2 or so years ahead of time.

This year it is in Calgary.

Check out this site for history of the Grey Cup

http://greycup.cfl.ca/# http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grey_Cup

Edmonton will host the 2010 Grey Cup http://greycup.cfl.ca/2010

The 99th Grey Cup will be in Vancouver http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/story ... lions.html

I am not ready to talk about the GC (sorry superstition wont allow me to say those 2 words) I wanna talk Home Field advantage for semi's and after Sunday's Win Then I will talk about the upcoming game But I am going to take this one game at a time and Enjoy!

cheers kirk great help
play offs on the 15th will be great if we make it
Im in Vegas so a good chance of seeing it live
after all it is a bit closer than Dublin

I'd love to see it but I just can't see anyone beating out the Als for the Cup this year. From opening day, they've been on a mission this year. Something about unfinished business?

An Argo-Cat fan

were on the way lads
we are on the way

I've got a better chance at scoring with a CFL cheerleader when I'm at Grey Cup this year than the Cats do at winning the Grey Cup.

How do you figure that? We sweeped BC this year and they're weak coming into what will likely be an oversold IWS. Last time we faced Montreal, 1 mistake (McDaniel's fumble) lead the AL's to narrowly defeat us by 3 points and we've already beat every other team in the playoffs. We're on a 4 game winning streak going into this Sunday and the fans and players are pumped. Don't underestimate us. Enjoy your 3-15, at this rate you'll probably be lucky to get that next year.

1 game at a time boys.

We have BC this Sunday. That's all that I am focusing on.

Once the game is over on Sunday, we can then look ahead to what the following week has in store for us.

You never know what BC is going to show up week in, week out. I suspect that they will be up to the challenge.

I'd say we have a MUCH BETTER chance of winning it than your team does. Enjoy 3-15.