Our Record after 6 games

Just for fun.
After 6 games the Ticats will be…
3 and 3.
We wont see our full lineup yet and it will take 6 weeks for our secondary and Defensive line to fully gel.
Winnipeg (Away)- Loss
Toronto ( Away)-Loss
Montreal ( Home) -Win
Ottawa ( Home)- Win
Edmonton (Away)- Loss
Toronto ( Home)-Win

After 6 games, what will the Ti-Cats record be?

  • 6 - 0
  • 5 - 1
  • 4 - 2
  • 3 - 3
  • 2 - 4
  • 1 - 5

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6 and 0



5 and 1. Close loss to the 'Peg. Maybe?

Our offence will carry the load.

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you should make this a poll :slight_smile:

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5-1 best case scenario . Worst case scenario 4-2 . Pinch me I must be dreaming scenario 6-0 .

So pick one of the above scenarios because they are your only options .

BOOK IT !!! . :beers: :smiley_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:

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Very optimistic so far ha!
I’m not convinced Duke is 100%. Sandani, our best reciever at camp, is out until week 3. I’m also worried our secondary is going to ripped apart in the first few games. Im also worried our D-line will be average until Davis and Wynn are back and playing at a high level.
It is awesome everyone is feeling so positive.
I would be thrilled for 5-1 or 6-0.

Mines more about our competitors. We can’t be serious about a championship if Chad Kelly and Taylor Cornelius are losses.

Edit. Arbuckle too if Masoli isn’t ready.

Anything less than 4-2 is a setback IMHO


I dunno, EDM is pretty tough at home.

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Am I missing something? J’Gared shows on the active roster. Is he dinged up? Thanks.

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Probably just an assumption that he isn’t game ready

He hasn’t even put on pads all training camp and did not dress for either game.

A Mark Washington defense is concerning at the best of times but with this much turnover its quite unsettling.

The offence will do their part to win. The burden will be on the defence this season. We will know after the first few games.

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The D Line will struggle with WPG but Toronto, Ottawa and Edmonton should be easy pickings in terms of getting after young (or mistake prone) QBs


If we beat a Collaros led Bombers in their stadium then I don’t see why we wouldn’t win-out these 6 games.

Other than Fajardo in Montreal, the other teams (Tor, Ott, Edm) aren’t exactly fielding HOF QBs at the moment. If the Ti-Cats new defence needs to gel, then this is the perfect opportunity.

If there are indeed some growing pains on defence then the Offence should be potent enough to carry us through.


Can you edit this into a poll?

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that’s up to the OP @GiasoneItaliano but sure no problem if he wants.

or i (or one of you) can just post you guys a poll right here in the middle of the topic and you guys can use that? up to you. polls don’t have to be in the OP but generally are better suited there of course.

4-2…but hopefully 5-1.