Our Receivers this week

I can't recall when we were starting 5 better receivers.
SpeedyB, Addison and Tim White all add to this running game.
Banks, Addison and White will not have to worry about being double teamed anymore.

We have height with Dunbar , Acklin, and White and Addison and Acklin can throw the ball as they were QB's in the past.

All 5 receivers are potential all-stars and could be 1,000 yard receivers.

Banks has world class speed as does Tim White and White was ranked 5th in the US in the triple jump this year missing the Olympic team by 2 spots says a lot about this group in that we let go Posey and Marcus Tucker ( Soon to be Redblacks or Argos)

I hear ex CFL star Duke Williams was cut by the Bills and is coming back to the CFL. My guess is the Redblacks or Argos
I am glad to see us not using an import at guard wasting an import spot with Yarbrough.
I think Okafor, Woodmansey or Gibbon can become good at that spot


Sounds like a put down but it isnt: What have Dunbar and White actually shown that makes them above average ?
Yes, the state of QBing here factors very much into this.

You don’t see too many first year guys burning up the league. Happens occasionally with a guy like Chris Williams or Derel Walker but usually guys are into their second or third year before they really learn the game up here and get comfortable. You’re right in that White and Dunbar probably don’t put too much fear into other teams at this point. For being thrown into the mix though I’d say they’ve done well. I’d look for White especially to take off in 2022.

Agree but above average doesnt necessarily mean "burning up the league".
Wouldn't have said anything but "HAM's new receivers played Posey out of a job" took root fast and unchallenged.
Just good enough to shed Posey's contract might have been more accurate.

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I think you hit the nail on the head. With Banks and Addison back along with Acklin, they have enough experience there to overcome any rookie flubs. Though I was pretty excited to think of adding Posey into that mix, would be tough for any defence to key on one or two guys.

Probably most important though is seeing if that oline can progress. We’ll see how things work out with Masoli back in, he seems to like throwing the deeper balls and will need extra time.

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