Our Receivers, 5 Weeks in...

So let's get this all out in the open and address our receiving core.
As of the Edmonton game, our starting receivers (with depth receivers showing) are:

WR1 ----- SB1 ----- RB/SB ----- SB2 ----- WR2
Tranks -- Watt ---- Durie -- Copeland -- Owens
Rideau --Bradwell

So where can improvement be made?

First... Rideau should start over Tranks, at least based on what I've seen in the Edmonton game.

Copeland is not going anywhere I am sure unless he is injured as he basically leads this offence. He played good the first couple games but has been mediocre the last little while. If he is going to be a go-to guy he has to be open more than just the last 5 minutes of a game.

Addressing Watt, I think he is playing as well as anyone else in this core but everyone is quick to jump on that one drop he made that would've been a touchdown.To be completely fair, that pass was over Watt's shoulder which is often hard to catch. Still, Watt should have turned around to catch it. Bell missed a lot of opportunities to pass to Watt. I still think Watt is a good receiver, had he of made that catch, which was his only drop on the night, he would have had over 100 yards and that would be in a game where Bell only got 200 yards total. Still Watt picked up 64 yards and could have got a lot more.

Durie is a great option I think, his running is good and his receiving is good when he gets open. I think we should keep him as he is a dynamic option.

Owens really in my mind is the odd man out. He is a great kick returner and put in the offence once in a while can make a really good catch but I haven't seen consistency from his receiving and he has fumbled a lot. I also think his focus on receptions has made his kick returns worse.

So at this point in time...
Tranks, Owens and Rideau at this point I think could all be replaced with other better import recievers...
The problem would be finding them and if Rideau starts over Tranks that leaves one starting position open. Is there any good receivers we could target?

I hope you all find some better receivers, but for now just put Rideau in place of Owens and you should be okay until you find other guys.

I'm really impressed with Durie this season.

Durie has been very impressive so far. definitely a great option, plus he is a non-import player. Rideau I like as well and am not sure why he isn’t used as much. I thought the offense played well on Friday. The punting is what killed this team. The Argos should have beaten the CFL’s best at home last week. I still think this is a good team, better overall than last year. Injuries have really killed this team, such as life. If they can creep back to .500 I think this team if healthy can compete with anyone in this league.

whats the deal with cope? In Calgary he was a machine. In toronto he barely above punch line. is the QB just not bale to connect? is he just loosing a step? are teams fixing on him? he played a little wide out in calgary... he is mainly slot in toronto. is that a difference?

Well the stat sheet has them all looking good tonight so go figure.

I didn't see the game, but it sure looks like the fault is not on the offence as much as apparently woeful pass defence and a lackluster pass rush.

How else could one explain Calvillo throwing for a whopping 83% and no sacks? :?

Did the offence work on execution all week as the entire defence just sat around playing video games? :roll:

Copeland is in his mid-30s, he's lost a step, and he isn't good enough anymore to be the no. 1 receiver. He was fine in Calgary playing behind Lewis and Rambo, but Toronto doesn't have anyone of that caliber to take the heat off him.

One of the biggest moves of Ben Cahoon's career was when he switched from wide receiver to slotback
Chad Owens played slot in Hawaii and is wasted at wide receiver IMO
Bring him inside and you've improved your receiver situation significantly

The Riders and Cats showed the league that despite his quick reads and release the only chance you have of taking down Calvillo is to bring pressure.
So Barker in his infinite wisdom rushes 3 most of the night
Granted....you have to have the horses to play man and blitz responsibly
And you need the practice time to make it all work
But give Calvillo time back there and you're slitting your own throat

I couldn't agree more. Copeland has lost a step. But the main factor is he is the guy in Toronto, so he is getting more attention.