I am concerned about the ratio and being able to play Rose and Johnson .
Any ideas if Hinds has a chance to play to remedy this or could we put Wayne Smith in over Simmons ?
Rose has been really helping the middle of that line with push and against the run and we need him in there

I think the Ticats will do whatever they need to do to play Rose, Johnson and Denson. If these three can be on the field at the same time, they will get to Calvillo.

Canadians who can be rotated into the starting lineup to make this happen...Wayne Smith, Matt Carter...Hinds, Beswick or Chris R (all DB's) if healthy...Eddie Steele, Ray Mariuz (as a nickel DB?), Maurice Forbes.

If Johnson is in the lineup I don't think Denson will be. It'll depend on whether then want to use their DI on a backup LB or DB. Or on dressing D. Porter as a backup RB.

"Our Ratio Problem" is a big concern heading into this game. We have to start seven Canadians and you can pretty well guarantee these first six starters. 1. Dyakowski 2.Dewit 3. Rottier 4. Stala 5. Matt Carter 6. Steele. It's the seventh starter that is the problem right now. If Hinds can't start, then they may have to start Mariuz at linebacker. The health of Hinds and Jamall Johnson are the huge questions right now and will influence this decision greatly.

8) I would say that this ratio problem is the Biggest concern right now !!
  If Hinds can go (which I doubt) that will be the key factor in this whole scenario.
   These injuries are sure putting a monkey wrench in this whole game plan for Marcel !!!

If Hinds can't start and Johnson is only 80-85%, maybe you have Mariuz start and Johnson is in the lineup as a DI, coming in on passing situations in place of one of the import DLs, and backing up Williams and Knowlton.