Our Qb's

Alright so Kerry Joseph never shined that game due to a minimal number for reps and in his words "I didn't want to let all the tricks out of the bag, and the more we get the offence down the more fun I think this offence will be" But besides KJ and Crandel who do you guys think should be our third string, Butler or Durant. I think we havn't gave Butler enough of a chance to play, but if we are grooming him to be a better QB than aren't we holding onto him for too long? Let me hear your points. P.S. Blue Bombers announced they released Santino Hall, what did we get from winnipeg in this or did we release him too?

sure we released him a while back.

Butler was fine in the preseason

This is where the trading of Greene could come back to haunt us... Greene is a good QB off the bench and thats why we should have kept him, but maybe Butler gets one more year to prove that he belongs here.. Durant can be placed on the practice roster if any type of injury arises...

We would not have kept Greene as a third string QB making $150,000/year. How many times does the 3rd string come into a game, we don't need Greene around to not play, Butler will do fine not playing. I am sure Butler can handle holding the clipboard just fine.

Yes im sure Butler will do a fine job holding the clip board but what im saying is usually the third string QB is used to be groomed for future years, Butler has been 3rd string far too long so what I am asking is should we get a younger third string and start the grooming process over again, seeing as how 1st and 2nd string are a given.

Yes, it was a really bad idea to trade an expensive under-achieving backup QB for an allstar starting cornerback that the Riders will need now that McCalla has retired. Crandell is just as capable of a backup if god forbid we would have to use him this year. I am glad you are not the GM.

Who is doing the holding on FG's this year for the Riders? Has Rocky finally figured it out or are we going to have botched holds for the first 10 weeks of the season again this year? Since we have a new kicker this year there is no chemistry between the kicker and holder anyway, in my opinion whoever does better in this catagory will be the 3rd stringer this year.

The entire season balances on Joseph's shoulders, if we ever see the back-up starting it will be a dark day in Riderville, and the season with so much hype will turn out to be just that.

As far as I know Butler has been holding for Congi, and Fantuz for Pikula. I dont remember seeing Durant hold at all but I may be mistaken

Why not have 3 experienced QBs? Just as in baseball where you cant have too much pitching, in football you cant have too many experienced QBs either. Maybe McCalla doesnt retire if they dont get Curry in the trade.

I think Riders management may have been making a decision thinking that there would be a salary cap in place by next year and the money they would be shelling out for either crandell or greene to sit in the third position most likely holding a clipboard would be too much

Sambo are you serious. Holding unto greene is by the dumbest thing i've ever heard. why have an under acheiving veteran of 9 or so years with a 150,000/yr contract, when you can have an under acheiving veteran of 4 or so years with probably the league minimum or very close to???....personally the other 100,000 could go to a couple new bags of high priced footballs. Greene sucks! Butler sucks too! there's no differance between the two, a 3rd string qb is a 3rd string qb. and if your going to pay someone 150,000 to hold a clipboard and maybe....MAYBE play, then sign me up, i'll play some football

How well do you think a starter turned third string QB is going to perform if given a chance? Terribly.

Do you think Greene would sit by as a third string QB after starting the previous season? No. The man may ****, but he is a professional and would probably prefer to go down with some dignity.

Butler should be the back up
Crandell can't throw ball accurately over 10 yeards...remember his hurry up offence last year? all the dump passes and the clock would run and run...
greene had to go...him and barrett seemed to be a little to close

The bottom line if we ever see the back-up on the field all hope is lost. I always want to see Joseph on the field, and it doesn't matter who sits behind him.

I don't even know how to respond to this. That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long time. It serves no purpose to pay Nealon the amount of money he was earning to sit on the bench, only to see the field if two of our other QB's get injured. Maybe we would keep him if he took a $100,000 pay cut, but this would be unlikely.

McCalla was going to retire either way. I guess you would rather have Nealon sitting on the bench with a slim to none chance of playing rather than having a prior year allstar DB who will be either starting or making a significant contribution to this team. Also, by keeping Nealon we would be forced to drop one of the young guys, not giving them a chance to develop.

I think we should keep Congi & Pikula on the roster and also go out and sign Kellett and O'Mahony. If 2 of our kickers ever got hurt we are going to need somebody to replace them! Get real!

Exacly, even setting aside the fact that we got Curry out of the deal, whether we knew we needed him or not, I would have let Nealon go for a team pack of snickers before paying a third string QB $150,000 a year.

Are you stupid? I love Nealon Greene, dont get me wrong. However, we could not afford him at $150,000/year to be our 3rd string. Also, do you honestly think he would want to rot on the bench 98% of the time? Of course not. He is a better QB then a 3rd stringer. I believe that it was time for change, for both the Saskatchewan Roughriders as well as Nealon Greene.

First of all, if you have been reading the Leader Post or something you would have realized that McCalla had called the riders in February saying that he may retire due to family & business reasons… It had absolutely nothing to do with Almondo Curry. That is why they got CUrry though, they were preparing for when McCalla retired…

Don't expect Joseph to be a savior. Does anyone think Barrett is a problem?