It is quite obvious we made a mistake last year in the Ottawa draft in trading our #1 pick which should have been Kerry Joeseph for Corey Holmes. Coach March,Lancaster and now Taffe cannot utilize this guy so it is either a problem with the Coach or player and we our stuck with both of them. Mass was a career backup in Edmonton except for the year Ray was in the NFL.

What a Masstake

you know what, Ive always agreed with that point.

Jason Maas should never have been in Hamilton in the first place, Kerry Joseph was the QB that should have been selected by Hamilton, instead of trading the pick away.

but look at it this way. Corey Holmes, Special teams player of the year coming off that season & Hamilton was left with no RB. Lumsden was still wanted to play NFL football.

when Jessie was in the NFL training camps we still didn't use Holmes properly

Trading for Corey Holmes has been useless for Hamilton. He has no been used properly from day 1. We signed Josh Ranek that summer, too. Ranek was a good RB at the time so we didn't really need a RB. We should have selected Kerry Joseph... however... hingsight is always 20/20 because at the time I was SUPER excited about having Jason Maas, Corey Holmes and Josh Ranek with the Ticats. Funny how times change!

The problem with drafting Joseph is that the trade for Maas had already been made before the draft was even thought of.