Our QB Depth

When was this claim made? While it is entirely possible that this will happen, I don't think it should be taken as gospel because of what posters said. Were these posters Winnipeg fans or were they fans from other teams? Looking at it now, I don't see Brink being chosen and I don't see Pierce still being with Winnipeg when the expansion draft is held. That leaves Elliott and Goltz. Don't know if Ottawa would take either. Of course, a major factor will be who is in charge of the team. Say Marcel Bellefeuille is the head coach or GM (not saying he will be, but this has been rumoured), perhaps he goes with a guy like Quinton Porter because of their familiarity with each other. I think there are a lot of potentially good, young QBs that could be taken and I don't think it is a given that one of them will come from Winnipeg.

Calgary's QB depth is actually Tate, Glenn and Mitchell (now Glenn, Mitchell and Sinopoli). At no point was it ever Tate, Glenn, SInopoli.

You seem very high on Goltz, but he's a fourth-stringer who spends most of his time on the practice squad (he's on the 42-man roster now because of the injury to Pierce). At any time another team could claim Goltz from the PR and get him or force Winnipeg to activate him. As far as I know, that has never happened, so the other seven teams don't seem to think that Goltz is good enough to be their third- or second-string QB. If they did, they would take him when he's on the PR.

I think saying that Winnipeg's QB depth is the envy of the league is a bit much. They have a lot of potential at QB -- potential that also happens to be dissipating by the day -- but potential, I don't think, is enough to claim league-wide envy.

Also, what has this great QB depth done for Winnipeg? They're 1-5 and in last place in the league. Pierce is once again injured; Brink has played himself out of a starting job; Elliott, who I like, has his shot now, so I won't judge him until he's had a couple of games; and Goltz, despite six career pass attempts is still mostly an unknown on par with every other third- and fourth-string QB.

I get why Bomber fans think they have great QB depth. I don't even blame you guys for thinking it -- I remember when Tiger-Cat fans were raving about the Glenn-Poter-Tafralis-Boltus quartet -- but it looks like we're going to see how great at least three of these QBs are. Two of them have been able to lead the team to a combined one win so far this season. Let's see how Elliott does with his shot, but I think this great QB depth that you guys talk about is not as great as you believe.

Your last paragraph says it all.....

Oh, I don't think anyone here takes anything they read on these forums as gospel. And I sure don't have a link to whatever claim I seem to recall. Doesn't mean it didn't happen. Just means Im too lazy to go look it up.

I do like the rest of your post. And of course we're a little biased to our guys. We're fans afterall.


Six pass attempts in three years constitutes meaningful time on the field? Goltz must be really something to have seen that much action.

…there is something about BLM along the lines of a gunslinger…he had some very good pre-season tests, but yeah pre-season doesn’t really count I know…I guess the first time I saw it for real was against Montreal when on third and short the team lined up for a field goal, but when everyone was set the stamps audibled to go for it…and, this is what got me, BLM just kinda walks slowly up to the line, looks around and licks his fingers and gets ready to accept the snap…it’s like the guy had no fear, almost daring the Als to prevent the now-well-telegraphed play…and then goes out and makes the first down…later in the game scores a couple of goal-line TDs, using the same play on the second one that he did on the first!..takes some cajones to do that against a team like the Alouettes…

…in the saskatchewan game here Glenn gets rocked late in the 4th and has to come out on a critical drive…we’re close to FG range, maybe already safe, but Dickenson has the confidence to allow BLM to chuck the ball around, and the kid almost nails Forzani for 6, in fact does, but Forz has just finished some Orville’s deep butter popcorn and can’t find the handle…

…that’s why I’m so-far high on the guy…barring an injury to Glenn I don’t think he’ll see any time beyond third and short this week although I was ranting that KG shouldn’t have started the second half of the game against Hammy given that he lost all ability to throw a ball in the first, but Hufnagel has blocked my cell number to his so I can’t seem to make those recommendations anymore…in a nutshell though, I think he truly does understand the game and better yet, has an innate gifted skill to play QB, and it seems his team-mates sense this…time will tell I guess, I could be completely out-to-lunch here lol…

Waiting for a response to this excellent point, but I doubt we'll actually get one.

See D&P...usually I respect what you have to say, but lately you've been throwing little tidbits like this in the bombers forum, which are clearly designed to get a rise out of the poster. Just let it go. You're better than that.

When is the last time a QB was taken off a pratice roster? It doesn't happen.

Just because it hasn't happened, doesn't mean it can't. If the other seven teams feel about Goltz the way you do, they'd claim him. Teams go after PR guys from time to time if they think the player will help their team. Now, the catch is, the team that claims the player has to put them on their active roster. But if Goltz was better than the most of the third stringers like you think, teams would claim him. If Goltz was better than LeFevour, for instance, the Cats could claim him and put LeFevour on the PR. If they lost LeFevour, no biggie because Goltz is better. But the fact that no team has made a claim for Goltz at any time means that you might be overvaluing his skills just a bit.

By that logic no QB on a PR is better than another, because no one gets claimed.

You said you can understand why I'm pumped with our 3 young guys. I feel like we are headed in a good direction with these players. This is a Winnipeg Board, imagine that there would be some Winnipeg tire pumping on here!
We get enough flack on the main board, can't you guys just leave us to our board?
I mean if I wanted I'm sure there are tonnes of posts/opinions I could nitpick on the Cats board, but I leave that to you guys.

Way too many people ragging on Goltz. He may not have the stats as of yet but he did show well in his ltd game time vs the argos last season. If they didn't see any ability in him they would not have kept him around but cut him outright and instead looked around for another QB. Is he the next Garcia? Dickenson? who knows, but its too early to write him off at this point.

Blogskee Wee Wee has a good point about Hamilton and their depth cart from just a season or 2 ago. They felt they had a solid starter in Glenn, a 1A in Porter, and 2 quality backups with starting potential in Tafralis and Boltus. They've completely overhauled that group and the one holdover in Porter now is no longer a 1A type of a guy but a bubble #2 and probably not the heir apparent to the #1 spot anymore.

To discuss our QB depth in relation to the Ottawa draft is silly at this point. Its still 2 years away and there's a good chance and least 2 if not 3 of the QBs on the chart are gone by then. There's no guarantee Buck is still around next season, particularly if he gets hurt again or if Elliott takes advantage of his opportunity. Same thing for Brink. If Elliott shines I think there's a good chance Brink gets his walking papers during the season or in the offseason and Goltz gets promoted or they open up the 3rd position on the depth chart in camp next year.

We've had the same 3 QBs atop the depth chart for into the 3rd season now and the same head coach/former OC at the helm and continue to have the same issues on offense - slow starts, too many 2 and outs, inconsistent production. It only makes sense that this season or offseason there will be changes to one or both of these departments.

I would welcome an outsider's opinion on the Hamilton board. As long as you are respectful and debate football, I think all voices should be heard. I think sometimes you need an outsider's view to make you see something that homer glasses don't let you see. For example, I was very high on Sam Giguere entering the season and non-Hamilton fans told me to cool my jets. I got a tad belligerent at the time, but so far this season they have been right. Giguere has done very little to warrant the type of praise I was giving him after a couple weeks of training camp. I have no problem with you sticking by your guys, but I also don't think it is a bad thing to be challenged from time to time. I know team boards are supposed to be safe havens, but I think as long as you don't go on another team's board and act like a jerk, dissenting opinions from outsiders should be welcome. But that's my opinion and you are free to disagree with that. I wasn't trying to knock you guys or your belief in your QBs; I was just adding an outsider's perspective. If that wasn't wanted, that's fine and I apologize, but I enjoy talking football with fans from around the league, and this place is as good as any to talk about the Bombers with people who follow the team much more closely than I do.

How long were the QB contracts signed for last year? Are any up for next year? I can see Brink on the outs as well, more as his own choice than us giving him his walking papers. The fans have always been tough on him, and I’m not sure if he had the respect of the players either. I have a feeling another team would be quick to pick him up though. And who knows what will happen with Buck - for all we know he comes back in a couple weeks and takes the starter role back for the rest of the year.

I got the same flack from Rider fans in the CFL forum when I prior to the start of the season that the Riders receiving core was suspect, some guy was hyping Justin Harper as the next big thing. You'd think he was talking about the next don narcisse. Well, after the first third of the season he can't even get onto the field. Some guys are game day studs, some guys never amount to much more than a practice player, some guys you never know until they get their shot... if they even get that shot. I think you have to consider Goltz the same way - a question mark, but after a taste last year, a promising one. That's why he's still here.

For Brink and Elliott it would have to be the minimum, 2 years and a 3rd year option, unless cut or traded.

Goltz threw like 3 interceptions at practise yesterday and looked like total garbage out there.

Please stop with the "goltz" bandwagon, you realize you are exactly what people cant stand about fans.. elliott gets his chance and b4 even stepping on the field, you got love for the 4th stringer. Kinda, yeah heres the thing, GOLTZ wont see the field this year. I mean, Buck will be back soon, Joey will be 2, brink 3. Goltz goes back to the IR. like he's only here cuz Buck is somewhat injury prone at times.

I’m going to assume you are referencing me here…I have no Goltz bandwagon, and I’m not clammoring for him over Elliott. No where did I mention that. This thread was meant to talk about all of our QB’s.
I don’t know what war you are on, but take a breath and relax man.


It seems to me that a lot of people are not thinking along the same lines here. The question is, when considering QB depth, are we looking at the depth behind the starter, or are we looking at all QBs on the roster?

If the former, then we're talking Elliott/Brink/Goltz. When you compare that to the other teams, I do think it stands up pretty well. They've all had at least some playing time, which frequently cannot be said for other teams #3 and particularly #4. So I do think Winnipeg's QB depth is arguably better than most, if we're talking quantity and not quality.

But if we're talking about ALL QBs on the roster, then I expect many will disagree on the basis that Pierce isn't seen by many as being a quality starter at the same level as Calvillo/Burris/Ray/Durant/Tate/Lulay.

Excellent post, and very fair IMO. I think I may have been one of the non-Cats fans expressing a bit of reservation about Giguere. For what it's worth, I was very high on Chris Leak in preseason a few years ago, and I was high on Noel Devine this preseason, and look how wrong I was. :smiley:

(not saying Devine is bad, but he was brutal in his one start at KR and hasn't played since then -- definitely a case of me, as a fan, getting a bit too excited too soon)

The part in bold is really what sums it up for me. Dissenting opinions should be welcome as long as you're not attacking other members and acting like a tool.

I've got you beat, as I have Rocky Butler, Marcus Brady, and Stanley Jackson on my record !