Our QB Collaros

Does anyone think he is good enough to lead us to the playoffs / Grey Cup ?

My thoughts are that he is not .

I feel he is not fast enough to avoid the rush and he is bit short which . His biggest problem is that he does not have a strong arm and his accuracy beyond 20 yards is not so good .

I am not sure what we should do at QB ? Bring in others like Mathews who played for Austin in Cornel ? Give Mcghee, Dan L , Harris a chance or obtain a CFL backup

gerbear, I know you are smarter than this. I am also sure that you have been watching the team all season. You would have seen Dan LeF. BARELY keeping the tip of our noded out of the water. You say Zach doesn't have a strong arm? I call BS on that one. Would you rather have "The Bishop" who could throw a football completely through the barn walls - if only he could hit what he aimed for?

The guy is in his FIRST YEAR AS A STARTER FFS!!! Had he not suffered a concussion and been out for 5 games, I sincerely believe we would have won AT LEAST 3 of them. THEN we would not be having this conversation.

You're welcome.

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Collaros looks out of sink at times but is that his fault or is it the play calling. It seems he is always wants to throw the bomb which is a low % play at best. Who has the control of the play selection. Austin should maybe dig out some old video of Tom Wilkerson and watch how effective his short passes worked and can it still work. Just my opion and I could be wrong.

Given his lack of experience and the team's lackluster offense i have not seen enough yet to form an opinion of what he can do, how good he is, and how good he could be.

This season, so far, has been a pretty big "meh". Bland, mediocre with spurts of embarrassment and frustration.

I'm not convinced of Collaros' ability tolead this team to the promised land either; however, in his defense, his offensive line plays well in fits and spurts. If Zach weren't running for his life on every other play, I think he would shine.

Collaros has been much better than I expected he'd be in his "rookie season" as a team's designated first-string QB. And, he hasn't been playing with the division's best O-line or receiving corps. I certainly didn't expect we'd still be in the picture for a first place finish, 16 games into the season, without Henry.

Personally I like the kid and I'm glad we have a talented young QB we can build our team around with an eye to the future rather than an aging retread.

Give Collaros some time in the pocket and he will shine.

Right from day one he didn't remind of Wilkinson, Wilkie wasn't that elusive. If I had to pick someone it would Clements. Similar size, similar arm and throwing style, similar elusiveness.

I think if he's developed properly we could have a good one on our hands.

If any fans in Hamilton think Zach Collaros won't end up being an excellent quarterback in this league as the years go by....well then, plain and simple, they know nothingabout football. gerbear9 you just make me laugh. :lol:

Here we go. Let's through this kid under the bus and release him just like we did 16 years ago with a QB we were all certain was going no where who only ended up being a Hall of Famer and one of the best of all time.

The kid is 26 years old. Let's give him 3 years before we give up. He has more 300 yard games than any QB this Season.

Seems a little early in the thread to invoke the ticats.ca version of Godwin's Law.

Nevertheless ... I think Collaros is the real deal.

I wish we had Zach still with my Argos.
In fact, I was one who called for the Argos to trade Ray and keep the young guy.
I have not changed this view and further believe Zach will be a star in this league.

Only in Hamilton.

My though is that he is not....yet.

I'm more then willing to give Zach another two seasons of rope to work with if he continues to show progression. Let's look at his current faults, and current positives.


  1. Eating Sacks - When is encounters inescapable pressure, he doesn't pitch the ball soon enough and often eats big sacks. Young players however always tend to try to make plays out of nothing. This comes with time.

  2. Long ball accuracy - Zach has an arm, of this there is no doubt, but getting it where it needs to be a long ball situations is one place that Dan LeFevour seems superior to Zach at. We have explosive receivers like Banks and Grant who can run those long flies and posts. He needs to improve here more then anywhere else IMO.

  3. Calm Down - Zach seems to overthrow when he's put into high intensity spots, and he seems to suffer in terms of time management. This however comes only with experience.


  1. Doesn't Zero In - Collaros doesn't zoom in on one player and most of his ints aren't coverage ints, they are tips. This is one of the things you see so many young QBs doing and paying for it at the professional level. College defenses aren't as good at reading QBs as pros. The fact Zach doesn't make himself easy to read as a QB is a huge pro. He also spreads the ball, which says to me he's going through his reads.

  2. No Deer in Headlights - When Collaros is pressured, he often doesn't go deer in headlights and immediately try to run it. He's usually good and stepping back into the pocket, using a cutoff man or boot legging it. Is he the best at it, no, but it's rare you see young QBs doing this at all.

  3. Short Ball - Collaros is very good at short passes. He's getting the ball often where it needs to be and threading the needle when called for and seldom giving up ints here. Sure, there are some bad tosses (predominantly too high in high presure) but he's made very good with his receivers.

  4. Mobility - Zach has it, and is a running threat when a whole opens up. That said, he does need to get slightly faster if he wants to fully use it. When he's under pressure and gets flushed out of the pocket, he often outruns the Defensive Linemen, but often gets caught by the Linebackers and eats sacks. A little more speed would go a decent amount to avoiding more sacks and having successful passes outside the pocket.

I feel his Mobility has suffered a bit, but his throws have gotten more accurate and slowly he's picking up how to deal with pressure properly. Like I said, I'm more then willing to give him a couple more years.

Yes, much too early. But you just called Anthony Calvillo (or at least, the release of Calvillo) the ticats.ca version of Hitler. That's amazing.

Godwin's law isn't about the degree of revulsion anyone should feel about the actions of the Nazis, it's about the inevitability that superficial comparisons to the Nazis will be invoked by someone. Inasmuch as superficial comparisons of the potential of any young Ticat QB to the perceived potential of Calvillo seem inevitable on this site, I don't think ExPat's reference to Godwin's Law is very far off the mark. At its heart, Godwin's law is about the inevitability and vacuousness of the comparison.

I wasn't suggesting that it was. I was only referring to the symantic parallel (if that's even the right word), not an actual comparison.

Thanks for the explanation, safetyblitz. It is both accurate, and more eloquent than what I would have come up with.

Longtime readers of this forum will know that any time there is any hint of dissatisfaction with a QB on our team, someone inevitably invokes the Calvillo example.

(For greater clarity, I like Calvillo, and do not believe him to be a genocidal maniac.)

Well, I guess everyone has their own opinion. :wink:


I think Hammer nailed it. (lol) Zack could go either way and the upside is certainly worth being patient for. A couple more seasons and we could have a beauty on our hands!