Does anyone have any thoughts on where are pass rush will be coming from thsi year ?
What players will most likely provide pass rush .

who are the leading candidates ?

from what i can see ..i only see Peguese thuis far

What is this "pass rush" of which you speak? Strange words to make the mind bedazzled.

About Football Glossary - Pass Rush


An attempt by the defensive players to get to the quarterback so they can tackle him before he can complete a pass.


A pass rush can come in a number of different forms. Teams often pass rush just three or four down linemen, or they can also use one or more linebackers or defensive backs to add a blitz to their pass rush.

Yes, I figured as much :slight_smile:

But you never know ...People in Hamilton may not be familiar with the term as it has bene quite a while that they used this in their defence ....

Hickman was likely the last guy that could get to the QB .

I'd like to se emore blitzing from the linebackers ...especially now that we have some DB's that can cover man to man .

Not entirely sure blitzing LB's is the best strategy. 18 players had 6 or more sacks last year across the league. 16 out of those 18 were defensive linemen.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/statistics/league/stat/Sacks/year/2012/type/reg]http://www.cfl.ca/statistics/league/sta ... 2/type/reg[/url]

Seems to me, pressure from your tackles & ends is the way to go. Besides, you need the LB's to cover the short, dump off routes that get thrown to when the QB is pressured.

I think you'll see the pressure coming from the group as a whole. Especially with new DLine coach Dennis McPhee working with them. Also remember, it took Hickman part of one and a full second season to come into his own until he had a great third season tying the league lead in sacks. In my mind, any of the guys listed below could have a breakout season.

91 Boudreaux, Brandon DE Import 6.01 240 1989-06-26 Troy
51 Fortin, Marc-Antoine DE Non-Import 6.04 245 1987-08-28 Laval
9 Williams, Shomari DE Non-Import 6.01 232 1985-03-08 Queen's
90 Peach, Greg DE Import 6.03 255 1986-11-19 Eastern Washington
0 Peguese, Brandon DE Import 6.01 250 1987-10-29 Hampton
95 Bulcke, Brian DT Non-Import 6.04 281 1987-04-27 Stanford
99 Davis, Torrey DT Import 6.03 298 1988-09-24 Jacksonville State
93 Moore, Terrence DT Import 6.03 290 1989-01-31 Nebraska
49 Lewis, Monte DL Import 6.03 241 1988-10-14 Jacksonville State
92 Scott, Sam DL Import 6.05 245 1987-06-23 West Chester
94 Marshall, Craig DL Import 6.04 290 1988-02-10 South Florida
98 McElveen, Jermaine DL Import 6.04 265 1984-08-29 Alabama-Birmingham
97 Summers, Derrick DL Import 6.00 262 1988-06-19 Toledo

Personally, I'm looking forward to watching Boudreax as he reminds me a lot of Hickman. Davis and Moore should do well with pressure up the middle. Ive always like McElveen and think he's a quality veteran that can be moved around the line of scrimmage. Peach will give you great effort every play and will be in the top quartile of sacks every year. He reminds me of Garrett McIntyre. Motor is always running.

Everyone else are relative newcomers and any one of them could become a breakout unknown rookie sensation.

Not sure about the non imports, Bulcke & Williams, as I don't know how they'll fair being rotated in and out for each other as well as for the other linemen as ratio dictates. Same can be said for Fortin and Nadon-Gascon if he reports to camp.

I hope you are right about pressure a whole . Terrence Moore looks like he can provide pass rush up the middle and Bulcke has good credentials from stanford and a hiogh draft pick .

Brandon Peguese is the guy I am beting on on this list . PEACH and
Boudreaux have shown glimpses .

I am thinking we wil find out what SASK did and realize that Shomari is more of a linecker .

i think the Laval guys will make things interesting for sure and help ourt non import status .

If all goes well this year I'd say we have as good Canadian content as anyone :






I think Bulcke is a better player than S. Williams and will get more playing time. I think Shomari is a little too much of a 'tweener. A little too light for DE, not enough range or speed for SAM or WILL LB and is not the stick your nose in it kind of guy needed as a MIKE LB. Sometimes being in-between is more of a curse than a blessing.

I have a funny feeling we won't see Plesius in camp this year. I'm getting the feeling we'll see a repeat of the Giguere experience. He'll try to catch on/hang on south of the border, finally come back here, and will never be able to live up to the expectations nor vanquish the hard feelings of not coming right away in the first place.

Shawn Lemon has been released by Edmonton. Think he'd be an interesting pick-up unless the Eskies released him because he's not in shape or something of an off-field issue.

"The Eskimos also announce the release of import defensive lineman Shawn Lemon. Lemon signed as a free agent on June 14, 2012. In 12 games (11 starts), he had 16 defensive tackles, two knockdowns, two fumble recoveries, one forced fumble and tied for the team lead with six sacks"

16 defensive tackles, 2 knockdowns, 2 fumble recoveries, 1 forced fumble, 6 sacks in 11 starts is nothing to ignore.


But these are some of the guys you said were either not "real" and/or part of a "non-existent" pass rush and made you scratch your head at Austin ?

Peguese/Davis and boudreaux were WITHOUT A DOUBT a strong force for us going down the stretch last year...when davis and peguese came in, we were much better ....davis is a bull and peguese is fast off the edge..with dennis mcphee coaching them this year,mark my words at least 1 and maybe will have 10-12 sacks for the season.look what he and sudsy did with a lb they were going to cut if he refused to change to DE...named JOE MONTFORD! :rockin:

I think we have the nucleus of what could be a pretty good defensive line. I'm more a believer that Dennis McPhee is the missing ingredient from last season. I became more hopeful when the team brought him back.

I don't think Frédéric Plesius is doing himself any favours in bypassing his time in the CFL. I would expect that the teams down there would want to see some professional experience, rather than video of him playing against other college players, a good deal of whom would not be invited to the bigger game. Meantime, there's no point fretting over things you cannot control.

FenderGuy69 wrote: I have a funny feeling we won't see Plesius in camp this year. I'm getting the feeling we'll see a repeat of the Giguere experience. He'll try to catch on/hang on south of the border, finally come back here, and will never be able to live up to the expectations nor vanquish the hard feelings of not coming right away in the first place.
you may very well be correct FG. Plesius still has two years PR eligibility remaining in the NFL and will likely exhaust the limit before returning to Canadian football.

Feelings of ill-will can certainly dissipate very quickly with splendid play, although little to no game experience after 3 years will damage his stock, while CIS youngsters/hopefuls pass him by.

Looks like John Chick is coming back to the CFL, he would be a welcome addition to the D-Line, I believe he is 30 or 31 so he should have a couple more good years left in him. Here is a short interview with his agent from today. https://soundcloud.com/thegreenzoneshow ... ohn-chicks

Let's hope that Austin has his eyes on Chick and the money.

Landing Chick would certainly bolster the Cats beleaguered line, although his agent is apparently giving the Roughriders first dibs...

[b]Gil Scott, Chick’s agent, said Wednesday that he has informed the Roughriders that the 30-year-old import defensive end would consider returning to the CFL with the Roughriders. A CFL source said the Riders have conducted recent talks with Scott about Chick’s status and that an offer has been made.

Scott, meanwhile, said he’s still waiting for further talks with the Roughriders.

“Basically the ball is in their court and I’m waiting to hear back from them,’’ Scott said. “Other teams have inquired about him in the CFL and I’m waiting to hear back from them. I felt that I should give Regina the first shot because I told them I would do that. They have known about it since last Friday or Saturday and we’re waiting to hear back.’’

Scott said Chick was still interested in landing a job with an NFL team, but there is a “window right now’’ for the Riders to sign him.[/b]