our own harold ballard

I am not Saying Bob Won't..
I am Saying he has not yet..
Big Difference

In the year 2006, I am just so happy that this organization still has a face, not a non football intrested board.

When the caretaker says he'll do what it takes to bring us a powerhouse, I believe him. Sometimes you make decisions that don't always work out the way you hoped, but you learn from them. With Bob at the helm, I really feel that he's learned alot in three years. The guy's very credible and when he says something, you can take it to the bank. :cowboy:

Disagree vehemently!

Troy Davis trade for Cody and Ralph was great.

Maas for DMac. Timed perfectly.

Picking up Ranek to replace Davis. Great.

Picking up Holmes in the Ottawa dispersal draft was genius.

Picking up Vaughn and Cavil. Very nice moves.

Firing Marshall, while sad, was right. Tough decision

Katz has been great. Most of these moves were doen in just ONE off season. Once the O-line gets fixed, watch out. I'm patient.