our own harold ballard

Seems bob Youngs 5 year plan is working.
Fans in the seats
huge corporate base
great marketing
huge merchandising.
HHHHHorrible Team
no direction on the field.
gouging at the concessions
hire a marketing guy as gm(no previous football experience,kinda gord stellick like
But hey why hire qualified people,the stands are full..Its a scary parallel

i personally thought rob katz did a good job in improving our talent in the off season.

Yes ,he did ,but the chemistry,leadership part isn’t working yet.

Fleming-girl comparing Bob Young to a convict,racist and dead beat father shows a lack of a lot of things, class for one.

I would entertain that with a "That's nitpicking, isn't it?" and a wink a la Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap, but I just want to point out something:


Just thought some would miss that. 1986 Grey Cup victory footage backs this up. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

i was gonna say, bit of an ironic title, no?

Young isn't as bad as Ballard. Young asks too much of the fans financially for what he is putting on the field.

He did as best as he can, for a guy with no experience. Once again, we need better recruiting, this team cannot currently access talent!

i thought that's what mccarthy came back to fix.
katz is good with the contract negotiations and all that but montreal has a pure football guy in jim popp. make this guy president of football operations and pay him good.

I thought that the off season talent hunt was good to but I think maybe some of those in the Ticat Management are old thinkers. We need NEW, YOUNG, TALENTED, football players. Revamping a team with players whose best years are behind them result in the kind of win loss records the cats are experiencing.

its too hot, its too cold, its the coach, its the gm… 6-0 and some people would be complaining that the lights arent bright enough! More than enough talent brought this year. Play as a team, win as a team, especailly in football… that simple! However… we do need Maas back.

I agree Sam Katz sucks as a GM.....This years draft was proof of that. From the looks of it, the cats could potentially land picks 1 & 2 in the 07 draft (we have sask's 1st rounder i believe) and I would hate to have the picks squandered on players will either be in the NFL in a year or contribute nothing noticeable.

Can him and hire Montreal Asst' GM Marcel Desjardins....Burington native and learned from one of the best...

LOL! .... out here we have David Braley .... and while we appreciate his $ and love of CFL ball .... we'd like it better if he said/did nothing!


Don't let your passion for the Ticats and last nights results cloud your judgement.

I think you owe Mr.Young an apology.

Rob Katz is clueless... he doesn't no anythng about football. All he knows is what people tell him. he is making things worse for himself by listening to the people that advise him. I bet you if you asked Lancaster he would tell who should play who shouldn't, or even ask the older player..hitch, vaugn, morreale, what we need to do to win they could tell you. They have all being part of a winning football team...Even more important those people mentioned have all
played in the cfl...

I sometimes think Mr BALLARD is still connected to this team when I pay $3.50 for warm pop and come onto this website and see some threads deleted for almost no reason at all.

BUT I will put down Mr YOUNG. He had done a great job getting fans in the stands and improving the stadium. He himselg has told us he does not know enough about football to make football decisions. He thought he hired the best people and follows their advise.

I think we have some GREAT players on this team, but disagree we some coaches we have hired (see other threads).

So lets remember all the good things Mr YOUNG has done for us and the team. WE DO NOT WANT TO RUN this great man out of town.
GIVE your head a shake if you think otherwise.

Pal hal allways wanted to win, that created the turnstile rotation of players with the leafs, .allways chasing the media demands., The Ticats can turn it around, admit they goofed replace the oc with former hc, imo

cat management should stop listening to this site for answers. All of a sudden Marshall cant coach , Lancaster forgot what football is all about.

Mr Ballard Won a Hamilton a Grey cup..

Bob has yet to Bring us one ..

Ballard is beter till Bob Brings us one..

How many years did Mr BALLARD own the ticats and he got us 1 Grey Cup.

I am sure Mr YOUNG will have at least 2 Grey Cups during his ownership.