Our overall record in 2010

We beat the Argos 3 x
We beat the Bombers 3 x
We beat Montreal, BC, and Edmonton 1 x each

We did not fare well against the premier teams

We are a “middle of the pack” team and our performance indicates such.

If Toronto and Winnipeg improve over the winter we will be in tough to surpass what we accomplished this year.

Assuming we don't also improve? Remember, we'll have Baggs for the whole season. And Wilbur. How much of our horrible start this year was down to using a place kicker in punting duties? And with any luck at all, we don't lose our entire secondary to injuries again just as they were finally starting to work together.

And also assuming that the "premier" teams don't lose key players (e.g. Calvillo, Cahoon), and start to slide into mediocrity themselves?

And unfortunately, playoff upsets happen, like this Sunday for us. If they didn't, what would the point in playing them? Weren't we all hoping for one next weekend (once we did away with the A-Nots, of course)?

If the team core stays together, with maybe a few more tweaks by Obie, next year will be another fun year.

I agree, I'll take two 9-9 seasons back to back any day from wear this team was the previous 5 yrs.
Go Obie Go.

9 and 10 seasons.......but will you take 3 in a row?
BC has gone 8 and 10 in the regular season the last 2 years and they want Wally's head.....

Different standards for different teams, I guess. Too bad some TC fans have such low standards.