Well it looks like our Offensive Line avoided a major bullet by signed Peter D and Marwan Hage ..

Two Non Import veterans that would have been very tough to replace ...Now O'neill can take other Guard spot and Husband and Baillargeon can continue to develop into starters of the future . Simmons the Import Offensive tackle may get a shot a the NFL and Dile should be back as well as Hennessy .

We also have 2 high draft picks that should be in Camp in Moe Petrus and Carson Rockhill with Petrus possibly holding on to NFL asperation. Petrus is a guy that could start right away at center or guard . Since we have first overall pick we also could draft Mcmaster's Matt Sewell . We also have some non import lineman that were brought in last year that we could bring back.

I agree gerbear :thup: How about Husband and Sewell at the tackle spots for 2013-2023 ?

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

There's a very good chance you may not see Sewell for a time, but could make a great player for the Ham.

The signing of Dyakowski and Hage are great but there are still many questions to be answered. Can Hage stay healthy and are the rest of the positions on the line filled by competent players? There’s still much work to do before kickoff 2013.

They do have quite a few young NI Olineman as well as Rockhill coming in and possibilty Petrus. Do any of the current guys they have or may have like Rockhill or Petrus be able to move out to RT.
neufeld in Sask seemed to come out of no where in his 3rd year to realy play great at RT taking the job away from the import who started the season.
Edmonton also gave Matt O'Donnal a painful but valuable experience throwing him into the fire this year at RT but should pay off this year with a whole training camp as the starting RT.
In Calgary J'Michael Deane also had moved out to RT a position he started at Mich ST for a few games and more than held his own.