our offensive line im worried about!

The last game we played we didnt give the quarterback enough time to throw the ball for quite a bit of plays. Both Jonta Woodard and Jerome Davis were being beatened on a number of occasions. Not only that but Marwan Hage threw over Jason Maas's head.

Im a little concerned about all this. I like the idea of giving Timmy Chang the starting spot for labour day and give us something different to look at and give him time to develop as a quarterback but the offensive line MUST give him time to throw the ball or Chang is going to have a long afternoon on labour day. I dont want him to get discouraged. I really think that if the offensive line steps it up it will not only give Timmy Chang time and patience to throw the ball it will open up the middle for Lumsden to run.

I think if Woodard and Davis keeps getting outrunned by the defense we need to get rid of them. I am really missing George Hudson right now also.

i think this can be said every game for every team.

A mobile QB with a strong arm and 15-20 running attempts with Jesse could be the cure.

A weak offensive line can actually benefit us -----> if schemed correctly given the talents of Chang and Lumsden.....let's see if the coaches can figure this out tomorrow....because it really is rather simple.

No more excuses from coaches, because every team has it's strengths and weaknesses and coaches are paid big bucks to game-plan the way around the flaws....and surprise the enemy.......that's why game planning is a secret affair......you have to have a plan of attack that you believe will work.

Hey Mikey, can you explain to me how this works?

I can't see a lack of talent/strength ever being advantageous. Maybe it can be covered up by planning and clever use of schemes, but only at the expense of other areas of the offence.

If the line can't get the job done, then they can't get the job done.