Our O-line and db's will be key to victory

The front seven on the D should have a solid game if the last two games are any indication. The db's and that means Bo Smith to, have to rise to the occassion and play better on Sat. The O-line needs to dominate the Green D-line and give Glenn the time he needs to make his reads. We also need to pick up their blitzes and exploit them. Glenn should be able to do that as long as the receivers are reading the same coverage's. :cowboy:

I'd say it's mostly on the D-line.

Lately,our offense has been great. Our D needs to step it up and it all starts with the D-line.

The O line has been earning their paycheck the last couple of games. We need Tisdale and whoever is playing Safety this week to show up.
They have a very deceptive recieving core.

If it is windy and rainy (as forecast), the O-line better have a terrific game, and spring lots of holes for Cobb.

Light rain and winds of 30 km/h are in the forecast at the time I'm posting this. So Cobb is going to need to have a very good game. The offensive line will need to be able to open holes for him, and needs to keep up the good work in pass protection. The last thing we need going into that game in Winnipeg is an injury to Glenn.

The defence has done well in keeping Robertson and Cobourne from getting many rushing yards, and will need to do the same to Cates. I'm not too worried about how the front seven will do. The secondary, on the other hand...

Doesn't matter who you have in the secondary, if there's no pass rush then the receivers will get open.

With McIntyre back the D line has looked much better.

Thanks vjcos, I haven't had to whine about this for a long time. . . it's receiving CORPS, not core :smiley:

I agree with the posters who say that the D line will be key. No matter how good your secondary is, if the opposing QB gets time, he'll find an open receiver. Durant leads the league in interceptions, so the key this game is pressure pressure pressure to make him toss up a few more.

The problem is the the D.B,s are trying for INT,s . IF they keep doing that we will give up alot of points, JUST knock the ball down :roll: :twisted:

Our front seven has basically shut down two great rb's in the last two games and have put pressure on the qb's to boot. I thought they tired a bit in the second half against TO but I also realize that Adams and McIntyre just came back after being out quite a while. After the Als game we had a short week and it took its toll on the D-line by the second half. I really feel that the front seven with the return of Adams and McIntyre are on fire. They've had two great games. The db's will be under the microscope tomorrow...and I'm talking Bo and Geoff....plus we need a big game from Dylan Barker.
The O-line has to take care of the Green pass rush, which is pretty darn good. Yeah, we've had no sacks the last two games but let's remember that Glenn reads defences better and releases the ball very quickly. :cowboy:

I can't remember the last time that Hamilton had a solid defense. We give up too many points to be a consistent winning team. When Obie gets some solid defensive performers this team might actually have a chance.