Our nozy, homophobic religious zealot released

GM Jim Popp has confirmed to me that Arland Bruce has been released. #Alouettes #CFL via @DidierRDS
I guess his money went to Larry Taylor :thup:

Popp also said other veterans may get the boot. Any idea who those can be?


Walter Spencer
Jerome Messam
Eric Deslauriers

Jerome Messam is one name that comes to mind.

But Popp signed some veteran higher priced free agents in Stala, McElveen, and Ferri.

Amongst the veterans that could be released, the first player that comes to mind is:

N LB Walter Spencer,followed,in alphabetical order, by:

I WR David Clowney Highly possible
I WR Brandon London A possibility
I DT Scott Paxson Highly possible
I SB Jamel Richardson May have to accept a pay reduction,provided he is healthy


I doubt Ferri or Stala were expensive. Veterans on the downside of their CFL careers. McElveen would likely cost, tho.

Production-wise, I'm sad to see Bruce go, and I hope that whoever replaces him can fill that void (800+ yards, 5 TDs). Character-wise, good riddance to Mr. Homophobe.

I don’t think Messam will be released. He still has some pretty good value as a quality back up RB who happens to be Canadian saving a DI spot on game roster day.
Also surprised a few peple a bit by contributing on special teams and even maybe improved blocking. If Messam goes Lumbala still will be able to fill that role but it would most likley be in a trade for at least a draft pick.

Free agency isn’t finished. There are still half a dozen good players out there. Guys like Laurent, Hall, Williams…

Yes hall seems to have became the forgotten guy. Reason being his notion of being an NFL prospect and the actuall NFL interest seem to be night and day.
He still however is a top pass rusher in the CFL at this point
He will make someones Dline pass rush very good very quickly
Teams who did not jump into the deep end early will have the $$$ to sign him later.

I think all teams are keeping money in the piggy in the hopes to land Laurent. When that is resolved signed CFL or NFL I think the rest of the dominos will fall fairly quickly.

Yup. That appears to be the case he is the last big proze possesion.
Has there been any word on any NFL interest for him???

Par sa dernière incartade, l'ancien Lion a montré qu'il portait bien son nom.

Cela dit, personne n'est parfait et il n'a pas niaisé pour émettre un repentir bien articulé (à se demander s'il venait de lui, mais on lui laisse le bénéfice du doute). J'aurais été prêt à accepter ses excuses et passer à autre chose, mais je comprends quand même la décision de l'équipe de mettre cet événement parmi les éléments qui vont peut-être lui permettre de faire avant la fin de sa carrière le tour de toutes les villes de la ligue comme joueur à domicile.

Je ne crois pas que la production de Stala va compenser pour celle de l'ancien Lion, comme Popp semble relater. Je crois plutôt qu'elle pourrait venir de Stafford ou une autre nouvelle acquisition, comme on a vu Carter éclore l'an dernier. J'aimerais que London revienne à ses performances d'avant sa blessure, mais je suis loin d'être convaincu qu'il pourra y revenir. Ceci pour dire qu'il est clair que notre brigade de receveurs est en transition et devrait changer radicalement de visage au cours de deux prochaines saisons.

Jim Popp:"We're aging in the secondary. We also got concerned about Jamel Richardson." via @TSN690RadioMtl #CFL #Alouettes
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Is Messam really that much of a head case that teams keep dumping him? BC, Edmonton and now Montreal. The guy is a stud RB at 6'3 245 and a Canadian to boot. Nobody would even draft him coming out of a US College. The guy has to have off field problems or is uncoachable.

Messam hasn`t as yet been released by the Als.

He had his problems in B.C. but was a model citizen with the Als. However on the Als he is probably too highly paid for a backup running back who does not excel on special teams.

I am assuming that he will be asked to renegotiate his contract, and if he won`t will be released.

Jim said on TSN that the team has two great running backs and mentioned Sutton and Whitaker so ... Then there is Lumbala and Edem. Both are playing out the last year of their contract this year. So the team has to keep that in mind too.

I would think this has to be the end for Deslaures. Stalla should be able to fill that Canadian receiver spot with much more success. The Als released and then re signed Kyle Graves back as a receiver. If I remeber correctly he spent most of the time on the roster in the second half of 2014. He must have really showed something upon his return as a REC. How are the Als projecting him this season? IS he ready to play rec in the CFL?

Walter Spencer has been the prototype Canadian Special teams player while serving as a back up LB but they have several younger Canadian LB who may be ready to take on that important role.

Messam looks like he will become a nice Back Up RB in the CFL now. I guess the question is do the Als have room for him on the roster or are they ready to move Lumbala into that top back Up RB spot. Do to his NI status he still has value in the CFL

Devine and Carrier are still both young talented explosive football players but neither seems to have found their niche as hybrid weapons. do either of them still fit into the Als plans since acquiring Larry Taylor?

Bamba another hybrid type player from the Canadian portion of the roster but so far has been dissapointing in the CFL

Bamba is going to get a shot at making the team. His College coach was Bolduc who will be helping working with receivers this year.

Popp a mentionné qu'il commençait à se rapprocher sérieusement du plafond. Je crois tu as raison de dire que Messam va prendre le large. Pour moi, je pense que ce qui va dicter la suite des choses, c'est si Popp peut mettre la patte sur Laurent, Hall ou McCune, ou s'il n'y parvient pas. S'il peut avoir un de ces gars-là, il va probablement larguer Messam (et d'autres) pour se donner la latitude nécessaire. Dans le cas inverse, il pourrait garder Messam et laisser Higgins décider de son sort au camp.

Par contre, pour moi, c'est clair que les Alouettes vont tout faire pour garder Edem. Lumbala, c'est moins certain.