Our Next Head Coach Will be???

Im not going to comment on the game this week, simply because it cost me $35 at the stadium to by food I only puked out at the end of the game. Im not doing that again today!

Anyways, I think its obvious Greg MARSHALL will not last the season in this town...at least not a this rate....

So the obvious question is "WHO is out there we can bring in?"

MY choice is "Charlie TAFFE". He was the coach of the Al's in 2001 and 2002 and won the Coach of the year both those years. He has been coaching for The Maryland Terrapins in NCAA Div 1. However, resigned earlier this year.


Sorry I tried to add a poll but it didnt work.....SO here is the question.........Who would you bring in to be the next coach of the Ti-Cats?

joe paopao because he will already know our players.

What do you mean 'it's obvious? Nothing is obvious with the Cats. They knew they needed help punting;still no punter. The 'D' was atrocious;no change here. We can't win with Marshall, because this is not High school or college ball. We should have gotten an experienced Assistant coach, & elevate him.

Marshall will likely stay the season (even if we lose), because he is under contract. If they fire him, Ticat Management will have to eat up the remaining of his contract (ouch!) The Eagle

tom clements

He the QB Coach in Greenbay...
Not Going to happen if Marshall is Fired.
It will be Joe..Taking over..

Man, I hope our boys can win for Marshall, it would be a huge setback for Canadian head coaching positions I think if he doesn't work out. So keeping my fingers crossed.

I also heard that Doug Flutie wants to coach in the CFL. He might be another Russ Jackson, just too talented to be a great coach, who knows, but I did hear somewhere he wants to get into coaching.

I dont understand why Joe would have anyone's support right now....the offense has been unimaginative and just plain awful. If we were scoring 40 points a game and still losing, I could understand the Joe support.

I think Marshall will last the season, regardless of how bad it gets. That being said, I think things will turn around soon. Another thread says that the Cats cut Martin today...good move. A few more "good moves" and I think we'll be fine.

papao wont cut it here..

Not if he calls plays as conservative as he did Friday night, that's for sure.

Our next Head Coach will be............(drum roll)

I think he has all year to work with this team come "Hell or High Water". Can't see Bob making a move on him.

TheBottomLine, Charlie Taaffe is indeed a great coach. If he has no job South and someone can bring him back North, it'll be a very positive move.

However, I need to correct you in your dates. In 2001, the Als coach was Rod Rust and we had a terrible year, losing our last 8 games and the East semi-final.

In 2002, we won the Grey Cup with Don Matthews.

Taaffe was in Montreal in 1999-2000, following the reigh of Dave Ritchie.

Hang on fans there going to make a coach out of The Marshall no matter what. :roll:

why do you people want to keep giving marshall chances? his record with the cats SU@KS. even when he was "the coach of the year" we still stunk that year.

Prior to Saturday night's disgraceful performance, I took the side of Coach Marshall, saying, " give the man a chance". "It's still early in the season", etc.
feel different about this now, however, when I see the same old coaching tactics which have failed since Marshall came on line.
In retrospect, I wouldn't give him much more time to produce some wins. (One or two games) By the time we finish the season's forth game, if we are 0 and 4, I'd be shopping for a new head coach.
Actually, I's start shopping right now, so that someone is ready to step in, if necessary, after game four. Some of you might say, "why wait"? I say wait to make sure Marshall has had an adequate chance to redeem himself, which I don't think he will.
While on this subject, I've never been a Paopao fan either and even less of a Reed or Erdman fan, however, if a head coaching change is made this year, I wouldn't let the other heads roll until season's end.
The key here is for the head coaching change to be made swiftly if we go 0 and 4. What have we got to lose?

the flutie brothers doug as head coach/offensice co-ordinator and darrin for receivers coach

I'm not saying when or if this is going to happen, but I think the next coach should be the the other Greg Marshall, the defensive coordinator of the Bombers. More because of the irony of it all than anything else.

These are guys I'd consider:

  1. Kent Austin (turned down Winnipeg's job to stay in southern Ontario because his family didn't want to move)
  2. Creehan (DC) Calgary
  3. Doug Flutie
  4. Burrato (OC) Calgary
  5. Chapdelaine (oC) B.C

And if a change is made this year then it would have to be Ron Lancaster.

Matt Dunnigan .He did a terrific job under horrendous conditions.He got fired when he, in fact, had assembled a good team.The present Stampeders are really the fruit of Dunnigan's work.Besides his ability to assess talent he would be a great motivator.

Get back to me when/if the axe falls. We are two games into a season. Billy Martin is available for the instant hire if you have a shovel... :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,