Our next great QB was right under our noses!

Isn't it funny how we searched and searched for the next great thing when all Richie needed was a chance to prove himself this year.

Richie's performance is a direct result of hard work and learning the Canadian game. I hope he gets many chances to step up. He deserves it.

Timmy Chang can be just as good as Richie he just has to learn the game and study it. Soon we will have 3 gunslingers at the ready when needed.

Great work Richie

Check out the Caretakers post-http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=17307&highlight=

i think let him learn every thing he can from printer over the next few years and he will be great him and casey share the same skill set

Even if we don't make the playoffs this year, at least we now know that we have one great starting QB in Printers, one good young backup QB in Williams, and one promising developing QB in Chang (although I would still bring in more promising young QB's to challenge Chang so he keeps working hard to get better). In other words, our QB position is "set" going into next year.

Hopefully the emergence of other young players (like Keith at DT) will "set" the pecking order for other positions for next year well ahead of time. That way, there will be less "question marks," personnel-wise going into next season, and the Ticats can truly be a "team" from the first day of the season (instead of this year's ongoing "chemistry experiment" where new players are shifted in and out of the lineup regularly).

keith plays DE But that not dose really matter lol but good point i argee

I don't think he's ready to be a starter just yet. I don't think we should go too crazy after this last performance. Remember how we all got hyped about Chang because of his pre-season play?

I think, what the last game told us, is that we now have a guy that came come off the bench and leadperform. We have a good backup QB that we should continue to develop. Let's not trade the guy, and let's try to get him some playing time when we can. Then in a couple years if Printer's wants to leave, we don't have to do anything crazy to get a new QB because we already have one. :slight_smile:

CBC commentator Kahari Jones identified Richie Williams as a potential starter over Chang when Timmy Chang struggled in his two games.

Kahari Jones stated Williams has the most athletic ability ,a good arm, and based on that looked like a better bet than our other candidates for back up QB.

What he never mentioned (?) and whats more important is Richie Williams quick release ,this is what causes defences to play him different than other QB's ,if Richie was smart he'll look up a few game tapes from Danny Macmanus playing days and study his quick realease form.

A good mentor indeed.

He doesn't need to he already has a quick release. Didn't you see Danny's commentary on Williams on how Calgary was scrambling on the sidelines desperate for solutions to Williams quick release.

This is a very nice problem to have. When was the last time there was a legitimate QB challenge in TiCat land?

Having a quick release is good for a QB.... :oops:

OK, what I'm referring to is for Richie Williams to watch the chemistry,featuring quick passes between Danny and Darren and company in the 1999 Grey Cup game when we last won the Grey Cup in Vancouver against Calgary for example.