Our new stadium could cater NHL and CFL!!!!!!!

With all this talk about Bob Young putting money down for a new football stadium to bring a new home to teh Hamilton Tiger Cats and now all this talk about JB trying to bring a NHL team to Hamilton or another city in Southern Ontario, I think we are onto something here..

what better way to bring in a new stadium here then to offer NHL games for our Hamilton hockey team and to be able to play football in the same stadium somehow. that would be amazing!!! I think JB and Bob Young could take it all over and put some money into this and it would attract thousands of people. On top of it all, we will not only have a CFl rivalry with Toronto and Hamilton which we all know attracts sell out crowds or near sell out crowds every time, we would also have a NHL rivalry with the Toronto Maple Leafs...

ON top of all this...im sure we could use the stadium or Dome for concerts and other things throughout the year that can bring in more money.

Hmmmmm has anyone else been thinking like this?? waht is your opinion on it all

Get back


I'm not engineer but is this possible and keep the arena/stadium look like it should for either sport? I don't think this is workable off the top of my head.

hmm who knows Earl...but could you imagine if someone could pull that off and make something like that>?>? anything is possible now a days..."if you build it they will come"

While stadiums are built with the capacity to host a multitude of events to maximize their earning potential, the 70s, 80s and 90s pretty well demonstrated that building stadiums to accommodate sports with significant geometric differences (i.e. baseball-football) is generally a bad idea and an atmosphere killer. I can't imaging sharing a 200 foot hockey rink with a 450 foot Canadian football field.

I know the San Antonio Spurs used to play at the Alamo Dome which was once also the home of the CFL's San Antonio Texans but the Spurs ultimately resigned to play in the new AT&T Center... an arena appropriately sized for the sport.

Or just two sections of that huge stadium branched off for football and hockey...it would be one big stadium but i mean anything is possible..lol

The raptors used to play in the skydome also.

It would have to be a dome for this to work though and the budget for the new stadium simply isn't large enough.

Don’t forget, in their earlier seasons, the Tampa Bay Lightning played their home games in what is now Tropicana Field; including the largest attendance ever for an NHL playoff game (vs. Philadelphia).

  1. Talk about a large ice surface! Even icing the puck would be beyond a lot of players. :smiley:

Okay... to business...

  1. Yes, possible. Stands can be engineered to move in and out but sightlines suffer and you're talking about a huge roof for a small return (small city, small seating capacity). Fun idea though.

But how would the concessions work?
What to serve?
Sounds like a logistical nightmare.
Let's stick with the PanAm plan.

Football and Hockey?

Tell me who your crack dealer is... I want in.

I don’t like this idea at all.

Copps’ design lends itself well to improvements. It was designed with that in mind. Great foresight by the planners.

Copps already exists, and I’ve read before that Balsillie is willing to pay for an NHL upgrade.

Let’s do that, build a watrerfront stadium, and link the downtown to the waterfront.

This would be a tremendous boost for downtown.

Never heard of hockey and football being in the same building....

How is the Pan-Am bid coming along?

Yeah I've heard of it... it's called the Winter Classic and the Heritage Classic... and/or Arena Football... depending if you acutally consider Arena Football to be real football.

Other than that...

Football and Hockey do NOT work in the same venue.

KristjanCFL wrote:

How is the Pan-Am bid coming along?
The original deadline for submitting the bid books was Apr 30/09 but it has been postponed indefinitely due to the H1N1 flu virus situation: [url=http://www.toronto2015.org/en/2009/4/27/swine-flu-concerns]http://www.toronto2015.org/en/2009/4/27 ... u-concerns[/url]

....was thinking the exact same thing .....some of these ideas....yikes! :roll:

Not an Engineer in the world who could do that!!!

Thats's an architect's work.

Sorry...just guarding my professional boundaries... :smiley:

Thank you. Well said.
The prospect of a few glimmering landmarks downtown really gets me excited for this to go through.

The architect would have no problem doing it, I mean all they gotta do is draw up a nice pretty sketch...the engineer would have his hands full ripping up the designs so it can stay standing though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though how is this even a topic???

Maybe we could also make it our airport and city hall!

I suggested this a couple of years ago and was given assurances that it is not only posssible but based on a smaller 30-35 thousand seat football structure not a crazy price. For example if the stadium/ arena is built in part below ground then the piping/ice surface could be recessed into the ground below a football field through the use of hydrolics. The use of geo-thermal engineering would be appealing to many as wekk.

As stated by others the seating for most stadiums is very movable.

As a matter of simplification when the hockey ice is need it arises from below the football field, the seats move in and you have a hockey arena. When you want it for football the ice surface goes back below the football field.

If Mr. Balsillee is involved he and perhaps even Bob's people but more likely Jim's would know of people who could do the engineering.

It would indeed be a one of a kind stadium but could also be used for much more including but not limited to, basketball, lacrosse, baseball and many more sports. As an entertainment venue it would have amazing potential.

Will it get done, probably not but considering it could be named the RIM of the Red Hat or Lulu or any combination there of, the people with the money could do something incredibly unique. I would love to see Hamilton with something that no one else in the world has, an engineering and sports wonder.

The Ticats will be in Ottawa in a couple of years.
The writing is on the wall…Ottawa with a new stadium, Ivor Wyn falling down, no Pan am games, no franchise fee, a balanced eight team league.

It will happen!!