Our new "Sister" team?

A brand new Womens Professional Football team has started in Binghamton, New York. (in the Syracuse-Rochester area)

Here's a newscast of their training camp.

[url=http://www.wbng.com/news/local/37388884.html?video=YHI&t=a]http://www.wbng.com/news/local/37388884 ... eo=YHI&t=a[/url]

From Wikipedia:

The Binghamton Tiger Cats are a team of the Women's Football Alliance scheduled to begin play for its inaugural 2009 season. Based in Binghamton, New York, the Tiger Cats are set to begin WFA play in 2010.

Home games will be played at the Greater Binghamton Sports Complex, making the Tiger Cats the first women's football team ever to have an indoor venue.

The team is presumably named after Canadian football's Hamilton Tiger-Cats, or possibly due to nearby Binghamton University's mascot, the Bearcat.


Here's the Tiger Cats Website:


Wouldn't it be fun for a whole bunch of Hamilton Tiger-Cats fans to show up for a game with all of our fan gear on and maybe encourage some people from that area to become Hamilton TiCats fans also?

I wonder how the Ticats feel about this infringement of their trademark. I have no problem with it and think it's neat, but I hope it's being done with consent and approval of the Ticats.

No disrespect to women's football but I don't think this will become the WNBA. Maybe the TiCats asked for $100 from them to use the name and this was agreed upon, sort of thing.

LOL! Could you imagine the PR nightmare if the Ticats took issue with some women's football team using their name? Ugggh. My advice would be to ignore it...can't imagine it'll be around next year anyway. Either that or show some support for them -- might entice a few more ladies down to the stadium.

It would depend on what, if anything, is actually trademarked with respect to the name. Is the name itself actually trademarked or just the logo?

If the name is trademarked, is it trademarked as "Hamilton Tiger-Cats" or just "Tiger-Cats". Also notice the subtle difference: there is no hyphen in the ladies team name. That might be enough to get around any trademark infringement.

If it is just the logo that is trademarked, there is no issues at all, since the logos and lettering are not similar enough to make a case for infringement.

I think the only trademark protection is in Canada


According to this on Industry Canada's Intellectual Property Website, it's the Canadian Football League that owns the trademark for The Hamilton Tiger-Cats



Thanks to Drew Edwards and his informative and timely blog for this novelty story.
He's probably like us waiting for more real stories and info.

'OMG'..they used the name 'tiger-cats'..get the lawyers!....:roll:

who cares if they use the name 'TIGER-CATS'..
some people take things wayyyyy to seriuosly around here!

I guess every minor football team in Canada would need permission from the tigercats,als,lions..etc to use their name or logo..?


I propose the Hamilton Tiger-Cats take on the Tiger-Cats of the female league in a game in which the winner is awarded the Tiger-Cats name. The losing team must rename their team.

"No...but professional teams that intend to generate profits from it should"

Mr. Young doesn't strike me as a ruthless individual.

He'd probably get a kick out of this and find some way to turn it into a bit of fun with the women's team over state side.

I think a good idea would be to send some Tiger-Cats cheerleaders and perhaps Stripes to their opening home game to show some support and goodwill. And of course to make some new Hamilton Tiger-Cats fans too.

The women's team's schedule ends in June. Maybe we can bus them up here to be guests at Ivor Wynne for a game in the summer and meet their Canadian namesakes?

deerhunter....good ideas. If nothing else at the very least both teams get some publicity.

Had chance to look at original post again and I kind of like their logo. Fierce looking beast.

Sure, why not.

This is the time of year for novelty stories anyhow. And after the nasty exchange that's going on in the conversation to Vote for the Troops, this is a much easier topic to handle.

Drew sounded almost guilty for scooping a topic off the Ticats message boards. He shouldn't. We just get up earlier than reporters do. :lol:


[b]"Morning reading

Not a huge list this morning, but what we have is entertaining if nothing else.

Former CFL lineman Glenn Kulka takes up MMA in his mid-40s. Punter Burke Dales, he of the soap opera handle, re-signs with Calgary leaving the Bombers jilted. That last story also says the Bombers are trying to move up in the draft.

A long story on the retirement of Edmonton linebacker Shannon Garrett.

Finally, something shamelessly stolen from the Tiger-Cats bulletin board: Tiger-Cats are the name for the new women's professional football team in Binghamton, New York. Check out the site here and the wiki [/b]

While we're on the topic of logos, some prankster in the internet decided this was funny. :roll:

[url=https://zone.artizans.com/images/previews/GMAC786.300.jpg]https://zone.artizans.com/images/previe ... 86.300.jpg[/url]

(I guess it is if you are an Argonaut fan)


I found the prankster. It's the work of Graeme McKay (Cartoonist from the Spectator)

This is about the only thing I could find on the internet with our "new " logo on it. (other than actual Tiger-Cat football related stuff) Perhaps they have permission?



I guess the big question is....if the two Tiger Cat teams were to play, who would win.....?

Sorry... it was just too easy......

I agree totally. Would be good business - public relations, etc.
I can't see any negatives, but perhaps the professional or amateur lawyers can/will.