Our New QB???


Footsteps Shane Falco
Non Import 6'0 190 Born sept 2 1964

He'll be better then Maas For Shure

Keanu Reeves was offered a tryout with the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL, due to his performance in The Replacements; the film was shot at the Ravens' stadium (M&T Bank Stadium) during the preseason.

:lol: :lol:

Just Kidding Maas is good as Falco
But that is not Saying Much.. :lol: :lol: :lol:

(Onknight) Footsteps Shane Falco Non Import 6'0 190 Born sept 2 1964
This guy is old enough to be the coach!

the reason for this post?????

Yep. He'll be 43 in time for the Labour Day game.

Let's pick up Damon Allen too, who will be 44, and see what 87 years' worth of QB will give us. :lol:

Why not try for Doug Flutie again?

Nice Keanu Reaves thread..


Oski Wee Wee,

How about that kicker? didnt he nailed like a 67 yarder or something?

yes. he did
Nigel Gruff #3 (K) (Rhys Ifans)- a British footballer (soccer player) and pub owner, nicknamed "The Leg" because he can kick a soccerball (and later football)the entire length of the playing field. He also has a tendency to smoke on the field and has a crippling gambling addiction.

Another player we should look at is
Daniel "Danny" Bateman #56 (LB) (Jon Favreau)- a reserved, almost reticent man during normal interaction with people, but when placed in an adversarial situation, he goes completely berserk as linebacker and defensive captain. A former Gulf War veteran and current member of the Washington D.C. SWAT team, he will take down anyone whom he perceives to be his enemy and anyone in the way of his target;


This was one fun Movie .. :thup:

Find something better to do with your time, I am sick of people ripping on our players and this organization.

Oh come on - that was funny. It's going to be a long off-season, why not have a little fun?

Totally fooled me. Good one Onknight. :thup:

That's why I posted it..To have Some Fun...
Atleast someone get's it..