Our new head coach..who will it be?

You're just slow in your old age. Hehehe...

how about getting Glen Constantin from Laval's Rouge et Or?

The guy knows his football and rpoved it in the last 5 years.

I would prefer someone with CFL experience

Heard Jim Barker mention on Calgary radio today that he expects Charlie Taafe to be named Montreal's head coach.

I believe that if Jones is not promoted, he will leave the organization. I do not want to see this happen. He really pulled that young defensive group together this year.

Besides, I always had the opinion that the best HCs were also defensive gurus. If he could get somebody decent for OC, the Als could make some noise.

Jones is my first choice. I think he’s ready. On the other hand, I’ll be happy so long as they fire Bellefeuille’s useless carcass.

The ideal situation (at least imho):

Head Coach - Jones
Offensive Coordinator - Chapdelaine

I could live with that. Would be an upgrade over Popp~Bellefeuille.

If Jones becomes HC, it begs the question: who replaces him as DC? Does Noel Thorpe get the promotion? If so, he’d have to give up being special-teams coach and DBs coach, which would create two more job vacancies.

Als are nuts if they bring back Taafe. The guy was a disaster in Hamilton this year. His evaluation of personel was way off. His choice of assistants completely wrong. Jim Barker may be saying that because he knows Higgins turned the job down or Higgins has already accepted the GM job in Hamilton. Very likely Barker knows something. Hope he's WRONG!

Argo Office In Turmoil

Marty York November 28, 2007


Rich Stubler has surprised the Argonauts’ braintrust

and is refusing to succeed Michael
“Pinball? Clemons as Toronto’s head coach

unless he receives full control
of the club’s football operations

and unless

assistant general manager
Greg Mohns is fired.

Clemons will become the Argos’
president and/or CEO next week

and Stubler, his longtime
defensive co-ordinator,

has been his choice to replace him.

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Stubler's need for full control

might be because of the particular people
in charge of football operations in Toronto.

Even if you don't put much credit in what Marty York says

Stubler said on TheFan590 radio that he wants full control
if he is to accept the Toronto Argonaut head coaching job.

If I were your teacher, I would give you 100% on this post. Excellent posts, and 100% accurate.

I personally believe Chris Jones should get it. For one, he is already part of the team, the players respect him most, and knows about this game.

Stubler would be a great coach, for sure, but I find him to be the same style as Jones. So, give it to Jones, for the reason of him already having the respect of the players, and is already part of the team.

As for the Offensive coordinator, I think everyone agreed since the begining of the season.

Here is what Zurkowsky reported in the Gazette:

"Smith said Popp will be involved in the process of interviewing and finding his replacement. The new coach, in keeping with most teams' hierarchy, will answer to the GM - although the GM was the former coach. . . Popp couldn't be reached for comment and hasn't returned numerous messages left by The Gazette since last week. Smith said it was important Popp receives his "space" from the media. "He wasn't thrilled (with the decision). Would you expect him to be happy?" Smith said. "If you understand Jim, you can understand why he's not here. He's emotional, fiery and proud. The media's done a good job on him."

This gives me a little concern.....JP obviously isn't keen on losing his Head Coaching position; the new coach will have to report to him. This may scare off some potential good candidates, who may be leery of serving under a guy who thinks HE should still be the coach.

Popp is going to have Smith and Wetenhall breathing down his neck. I would think he'd go out of his way to treat the new coach well. Otherwise, he could find himself in the unemployment line.

I truly hope you are correct discipline; I would hate the thought of losing out on a really good coaching possibility just because the candidate didn't think he could work under Popp. As long as Popp sticks to being a GM, at which he is a past master, we should do fine (as long as the new coach brings in a new offensive coordinator). First on Popp's agenda should be energetic scouting to get us some better offensive linemen, and some pass rushing defensive ends; we need him to find someone for us like Cameron Wake.

Herb says the Als have asked Desjardins to come back so looks to me like Taafe won't be too far behind.

As far as Jim Popp is concerned It would not surprise me if he asks the als to tear up his contract the minute he finds something else down south. I think Jim will see this decisions by the his boss as treason...then there is the whole ego thing...

Taaffe would be pretty low down on my list of head coach potentialities. As for Popp deciding to leave, that would not shock me were it to happen.

Could it be possible that Smith and Wettenhall are doing what they can so Popp quits instead of them having to fire him? Under the latter scenario, the organization would be on the hook for quite a bit of money. From what I have heard, Popp will have even less control now than he did during his previous stint as 'GM-only'.

Personally, I would like to see him stay on as GM but I feel his 'me' and 'I did a great job' atttitude may have hurt his relationship with the upper brass.

Hamilton has refused to allow Montreal to talk to Taaffe, thankfully.

Popp needs to get his head back in the GM game. The last two years, he has made some terrible decisions and allowed some great players to slip away for nothing. He’s also failed to bring in good enough talent to replace them, a task at which he used to excel. It’s time to get back to basics: drafting well and scouting well.