Our new head coach..who will it be?

Okay gang, we got the right result, the best GM is back to being the GM only, so now let's speculate as to who our new head coach will be. Here's some names:

Tom Higgins
Chris Jones
Richie Hall
Greg Marshall
Jim Barker
Jacques Chapdelaine

I suppose the new head coach will bring in a new offensive coordinator, and for that role, if not Chapdelaine (if he doesn't get the HC post), here's a suggestion out of left field:

How about Jock Climie?

Has good Montreal ties and is easily the most cerebral of the talking heads on TV. Might be worth a look.

Absolutely NOT to Jock Climie. No disrespect to him, but the man has even less coaching experience than Popp, which is to say, none whatsoever. We need a qualified person at HC, not just someone who looks right for the part.

If Climie wants to coach in this league, let him start as a position coach (receivers) and work his way up the ladder.

I would be content with any of the candidates from your list, although Higgins is kinda meh to me. Marshall is ready to be HC, he’s been waiting in the wings for years, and had Campbell gone in a different direction, he might have become HC in Edmonton instead of Maciocia.

I think Chris Jones is the front runner at this point someone would need to give an excellent interview to beat him out for the job. Apparently Rich Stubler has said he'd be interested in coaching here to he would be a good candidate.

If we bring in higgins we would definitley need a new OC otherwise wed have the least imaginative offence in the league.

Popp will be better as a GM than he was last year now that he only has to focus on that. So far so good

Are you mad, Jack?

I have nothing against Jock Climie but,
you have to crawl before you can walk.

His buddy Matt Dunigan proved that.

No man should start his football coaching
apprenticeship as a Head Coach in the CFL

Re-read my post discipline..I did NOT suggest Climie for head coach, I was saying what you are saying, try him as a possible offensive coordinator.

Same to ron....

And my point still applies. He is not qualified to be OC. Not even close.

He should work for minimum four years as a position coach before we even consider him for offensive coordinator.

My bad.

madjack, Jock may be making out
like a bandit as a lawyer, though.

Does he work as government lawyer?

If so, I should have substituted
the word 'bandit' in my sentence above
with the name 'Ronnie Stewart' :oops: :smiley:

Okay let's get off my left field idea and back to head coach (and sorry Ron I don't know what kind of lawyer Jock is, nor for whom he works).

I'd rank the candidates as follows, personally:

  1. Jim Barker; I've always liked him; he was our offensive coordinator the time we got to the Grey Cup and actually won the thing. But I understand from somewhere that he and Popp do not get along, which would make his being hired unlikely.

  2. Richie Hall; Saskatchewan's defence has been one of the league's best for many years, through a number of head coaches, all with Hall in command. He deserves a shot, if not here somewhere.

  3. Greg Marshall; same reasoning as for Hall, just that his defences, while very good, have not been quite as good in my opinion.

  4. Chris Jones; if we hire from within, it has to be Jones.

  5. Tom Higgins; great experience as a head coach, but some reason I can't get enthused about him.

  6. Jacques Chapdelaine. Probably a better fit for offensive coordinator than head coach.

Zurkowsky reports that they won't hire from within, whereas a Montreal radio station is saying that they will and that Jones will be confirmed as head coach in a matter of days.

Zurkowsky floats Higgins and Taaffe, if Hamilton lets him go. I would not want Taaffe, because this past season caused me to question his ability to judge talent. He took an outstanding DHB, Tay Cody, and played him at safety. He doesn't belong there, I hate trying to force square pegs into round holes. He also had 5 QBs in camp; he released King and Butler, and went into the season with Maas as #1, Chang #2, and Williams #3. Now, all of them got quality playing time, and which one performed the best? Easily Williams, so to have him ranked third coming out of camp again makes me question his talent judging. So thanks but no thanks.

If it is to be Jones, again I won't protest I think he has given us yeoman service over the years, but please don't make the same mistake as last year and just hand him the job.....interview some candidates, do your due diligence, and make the best hire you can; if it turns out to be Jones, great, but don't just hand him the job without checking out the alternatives.

Agreed. No one should get handed anything. If Jones wants to be HC, he has to beat out the other candidates. May the best man win!

This is great news. We keep the best GM in the league and there are real good candidates to pick from. Higgins, Jones, Stubbler.

1-Higgins is really well liked and after six years with Matthews and Popp. I think it would be a breath of fresh air for the players.

2- Jones: Deserves his shot but I wonder how bad things got between the O and the D this year. Would he be accepted by all the players?

3- Stubbler: Best defensive mind in the game. What kind of personality? Seems his players pretty much stay put, a good sign.

These would be my short list for interviews.
Hall would be my next pick if any of the three aren't interested in being interviewed.

Seems to me I recall reading that Stubler wants to be GM and coach, which would rule him out here....but possibly he'll get his chance in Toronto, if Pinball retires and Rita bolts to Hamilton....

Is it a case that Greg Marshall is a better University HC, rather than a CFL HC?

No, that's the OTHER Greg Marshall.

We are (at least I am) speaking of the Greg Marshall who was defensive coordinator in Edmonton and then Ottawa and now Winnipeg.

NOT the Greg Marshall who was head coach in Hamilton.

OH NO!!!!!!!!
I just had a horrible thought.

Its to horrible to even say!

Promote Bellefeuille! :twisted:

Imagine if they make Bellefeulle the HC

Nice timing, ro...8)

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