Our needs for next season

Ya sure its been done, but what the heck.

we've seen what a team with no real weaknesses can do (BC) to a team with very few (Sask)

First and foremost:

  1. HC, OC, DC, ST coach and as many bloody specialty coaches as possible. [WR, QB, LB, DB, DLine, Oline(although coach sal was good) kicking, video etc]

  2. Middle Linebacker. (say what you will.. but we either need someone to step up OR come in)

  3. QB - Again, either someone new or someone stepping up, we need a healthy QB this year.

  4. DBs and depth - Gordon, Cody, Young, (hopefully Goss) are a start... Shaw had good games and bad ones, safety is a need, so is a fourth starting DB is Goss doesn't come back. The guys other than the aforementioned make for solid experienced depth... but we need a guy to make them depth guys rather than starters.

  5. WR/SB - we need a true starting receiver to be complimented by DJ Flick. Between Flick and Ralph we've got decent #2 and #3 guys... but no #1. If Peterson was still with the team (and continued to turn it around i'd say we had a solid mix of #2,#3,#3. we'd still need a real #1. A tucker, geroy or stegall. (I hear Copeland is a FA.)
    We also need depth now. Do it up Marcel.

  6. Oline - A Tackle and depth. Woodard, Hudson, Hage, Smith/Felice makes a decent start. But we need another Tackle. Smith didn't do too bad at the end of '05 at tackle, maybe he's an option. Either way, competion at camp is needed to even come close to regaining any point of attack respect.

  7. Dline - Canadian depth is good... and it could be okay. IF Cheatwood's knee injury doesn't keep him off the chart.. Collier was great, Josue was good late in the games, could be okay for us.

  8. Flemming was good as a punter, boreham rocked on kickoffs.... get one of them to learn how to kick for threes and we're set.

and thats all i can think of.

A Centre, as well as a ML,Safety,and solid coaching (strategy) on both side,s of the line,

Have you guys considered asking Santa? Although you'd almost have to have been saints this past year to get that wish list filled. :wink:

An Argo fan

here is something everyone forgot about the 07 season. What the cats really need. How about fans. :twisted:

Ben Cahoon and Robert Edwards will be free agents and Montreal is over the upcoming cap by about $500,000. Any interest in Hamilton?

An Argo fan

Cahoon… yes, Edwards… no (despite his awesome output. we’ve got Jesse and Corey, RB is our one area that doesn’t need work.

Cahoon can be that frontline guy. we haven’t had one of those since Darren Flutie.

Lets not sign any free agents. It only weakens the league. Lets actually recruit some quality players and improve our team and the league. One of the main problems with the CFL is teams loot one another. Overall the league does not improve its talent pool.

no, but it does improve our win totals.

two pronged attack. if we sign Cahoon (its possible) not only do we have a great receiver, but he also can't burn us, like usual.