Our lucky players elsewhere

Last year half of the Green Riders were ex Cats, next week 2 should have been mainstays in our defence , Armour an Anderson will have key roles in stopping the Als ARGHHHHHHHHH

Yes, but at least Jason Maas won't be there as a sideline cheerleader for Maciocia's losers.


Barrenchea and Goss run over and lit up. Yup, pretty lucky.
Better red zone play calling by BC, even just once, and Armour wouldn't be in it either.

I think that Armour and Anderson are the weak spots on the Calgary D. If I was coach Trestman I would run at Armour all game, I would make him chase a slot or runningback to the sidelines on passing downs and I would throw at Anderson's side all game. Get in either player's grill a few times and I'm sure they are both good for at least one objectional conduct call apiece. The Calgary D-line are what Montreal has to worry about.

I also think that if the Stamps win next week, it won't really be because of the three former Ticats starting on the Calgary D. If there's a former Ticat who'll do well in the Grey Cup game, I think it'll be Calvillo. Yes, his record in Grey Cup games may be 1-4. But would that be better than having a QB whose record in Grey Cup games is 0-0? In other words, is lack of success in Grey Cup games better than no experience in them at all? Well, considering the playoff record of that QB who is 0-0 in Grey Cup games...

Something that I find interesting about next week's game is that it is a game between two teams that tend to do well in the regular season, but don't tend to win Grey Cups. But the Als are making their third Grey Cup appearance in four years and I'm sure quite a few players on the Als want this win. The Stamps seem to be pleased just to be in the big game. The difference between the celebrations of these two teams' victories has been noted. And I would like to know how many players on the Als have Grey Cup game experience versus the number of players on the Stamps who have made Grey Cup appearances.

Those three former Ticats may not make much of an impact next week, and I hope not, because if they do, we'll be hearing a lot about it. And we'll also be hearing about it a lot if the Stamps win the game. But I think I'll pick the Als to win it, mostly because of the experience and home field advantages they'll have. And I think it would be good to see the Als win, because it'll make the Ticat victory over them more meaningful, as they can say they beat the eventual Grey Cup champions. And right now, I predict Avon Cobourne will be the game MVP, and Cahoon will be the Top Canadian. But I reserve the right to change my mind until the opening kickoff next week. :slight_smile:

it pains me to say this, but

GO ALS :smiley:

Former Cats on the Als number at least three.....
Paul Lambert OL
Anthony Calvillo QB
Marcus Brady QB

GO STAMPEDERS de Calgary eh!!!!!!!

Sorry. CGY is the YAPPIEST team in the league. I can't stand that crap.

GO STAMPS GO!! Birds of the same feather go down together.

Former Cats on the Als number at least three.....
Paul Lambert OL
Anthony Calvillo QB
Marcus Brady QB

just to change streams a little ... then there was all the fuss when tay cody left us to go to montreal - dont think he even ever showed up! how lucky is he? maybe he realized he couldnt crack a grey cup-contending line up?!

Well actually he did (finally) show up........sometime in late September I think.........was on the practise roster for a day or two, maybe a week at most, then was released.

Can the Ti-cats win next year?

Normally I cheer for the West once the Cats are eliminated.

However any fan worth their salt should know that any team who employs Dwight Anderson does not deserve your support.

So I shall be cheering for the Als.