Our Lady Peace Grey Cup Diet Pepsi Half time show

I'm hearing Our Lady Peace will be highlighting the Diet Pepsi half time show for the Grey Cup with collaboration by Never Ending White Lights, Finger Eleven and directed by David Victor.

This should be an amazing show and "Canadian" Hey!

OLP, idonno its not great, i would rather see a HUGE name! we will see how this goes :S

I don't know if I'd still consider OLP to be Canadian... :lol:

how did you find this out?

Our lady peace are an amazing live band and releasing a new album in January. I haven't heard any of it but I think they are planning releasing a single soon off the album. I think it will be an awesome half time show. I hope we get an up temp version of Always and some rocking tunes.

We are !

I wonder how much affect a half time show has on ticket sales or TV viewership?
When it comes to watching football my only interest is football. Halftime is to
be used for bathroom breaks and food.

That being said, I am absolutely fed up with the over-the-top shows you see in the Superbowl.
All that hype has completely turned me off.

Raine Maida is washed up!!!1
As far as I'm concerned Finger 11 aka Rainbow Butt Monkeys should be the headliners.... They are the only one of those bands that has any foward momentum...
Put it this way... Five years from now... which of these bands will be able to sell out a 5000 person venue....
I guarentee you it will not be OLP

Oh goody.

Late 90s Can-rock with the protypical Canadian "affected-voice" singer.

How about Moist and the Tea Party for the pre-game. :roll:

I like it...and David Usher (former frontman of Moist) would also be perfect...he just released a new album as well and is touring.

Hey, I like The Tea Party!!! :smiley:

The cfl.ca homepage says it's Theory of a Deadman...

Ugh. That's even worse.

Yuck, really?

Booo! The halftime panel is talking with them right now. Why, CFL, why??? :lol:

I see both pics as bad, why didn't we get someone good or big, and i thought the original press release said BandS.
well its always a good time to get a beer.

Theory of a Deadman…close your eyes, sit back, and imagine you’re listening to Creed…or Nickelback…:roll:

I really havent heard any of their music, and they certainly wouldn't have been on my list. I still say Anne Murray would have been a good choice.

I hope you're kidding...did you hear her sing on Canadian Idol? As much as I have respect for what she's done in Canadian music, it's time to pack it in. She was HORRIBLE and it would be embarrassing.

:lol: Nice one.

I don’t watch Canadian Idol, but having her own band would probably make her sound better. Its as much about the music as it is the singer. People have posted about how they wanted a big name, and they dont get much bigger than her. I’m not kidding either.