Our kicker is coaching chinese players??

unusual Article regarding our kicker


My favourite quote from the article:

The Chinese athletes Gao Wei, [b]Ding Long [/b]and Shen Yalei are being Americanized. For the past five weeks they have lived here in western Oregon. They have combed the malls, learned to love diner food, studied English and adopted the Westernized names William, [b]Rambo [/b]and Sean ...
I can't decide which name is funnier, the original or the new & improved.

[quote=“truth101”]unusual Article regarding our kicker

2nd topic regarding Setta from you…the other"why Setta isn’t in the NFL"…
seems like you already have something against Setta…why?..
he hasn’t even ticked a ball yet for us…

Yeah the NFL is desperate to find the next Yao Ming to play in the exhibition game during preseason in China. Problem is, there is absolutely NO football fields in China.

So the NFL's only option has been to train a few kickers for this exhibition game. Stupid idea. They're better off training a chinese Wide Reciever. I think it's alot easier to catch a ball than to kick one.