our jerseys match the Turf...

I always wondered...if I was a quarterback, looking into the sun (which you have to for 2 of 4 quarters in Taylor field) wouldn't it be difficult to see your receivers whose Jerseys are EXACTLY the same color as the turf? wouldn't your peripheral vision see a contrasting color a little better?

I have never heard a reporter ask this of a QB, but I always wondered. wouldn't it make sense to wear white or black, or even a DIFFERENT SHADE of Green?

just something I always wondered about...

thats heads up thinking, the only thing i can see your wrong in is that u called it Taylor Field instead of Mosiac Stadium!

But to answer , it might just bother some but not others and right now the riders need to be thinking about their 1-2 record more then their jerseys

Maybe Mosaic (not mosiac) stadium is an unlucky name. however, we wouldn't know because aren't we always under .500 a month into the season?

BTW, does anyone actually call it "mosaic stadium" in everyday conversation? other than radio announcers who are under contractual obligation to get it right?