Our House

I hope you fellow fans watching on TV could hear how loud this stadium was.

But tbh you had to of been there to fully appreciate just how loud it got.

Hope those who couldn’t make it to a game this year have a chance to next season.

Ryan, how would you compare the loudness of the stadium today compared to Ivor Wynne when it was packed? I'm just curious because I've been to some loud games at IWS but haven't had the good fortune to catch a game at the new THF. It's awesome that this stadium and the fans will truly gain a reputation as a place where apposing teams will hate to visit!

I would say, that was the 3rd loudest game I've been at. The loudest being the Semi vs BC a couple years back at Ivor Wynne and the 2nd being when we took over the Rogers Centre last year. However, this game was the most consistently loud from start to finish. It was rare that Crompton got a full uninterrupted huddle and he didn't get a single snap without us making noise. Well done Tiger-town, way to defend our house, and remember, it's still not finished, so it's only going to keep on getting better!

Very nice! The fans played a big part in today's game, making it loud and making the players proud!

Just posted this in another thread but here is a taste of the crowd noise today. It was awesome.


And late in the game and the clinching interception.

[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=timQdMfqC5Q&feature=youtu.be]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=timQdMf ... e=youtu.be[/url]

Its very comparable to a packed IWS (at times) But as a poster mentioned its constantly loud at every moment every game.

How today's game compared to 98. I couldn't tell you.maybe we can get those that were lucky to be here to chime in

They interviewed Kent Austin on the Fifth Quarter and he said that it was so loud that after the last Hamilton touchdown, he had trouble communicating to his player to go for the single point.

Kent also said that the crowd sounded more like 40 thousand rather than 25 thousand.

Yes, it was and will ALWAYS be OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!