Hello All,

I'm Jake and you may have seen me at the games in my hardhat and Ti-Cats Jersey with Woo Hoo on the back.
During the last game with Montreal the stadium finally felt right. I mean it felt like home. The offence was scoring and as always, the defence was ripping it up.I found myself screaming like an maniac, "Whose House??? OUR HOUSE!!!" This carried onto Balsam Avenue after the game.

I think bringing this chant to THF on sunday might impact the game. I'm thinking that if all the Ti-Cat fans ask "Whose House?" and then declare it as "OUR HOUSE", over and over at the top of their lungs, right after OH, CANADA we would fire up our Tabbies even more!!!

I'm looking for help with this. Any thoughts? E-mail me at woohoo51@outlook.com

We started this in sec 111 on Labour Day and have done it every game since even have shirts made up :slight_smile: for EF

Hi BoLtZ,

I'd thought I was transferring "OUR HOUSE" from my experiences at the MAC Marauder games. I can't remember hearing it at THF, but my seats are 3 sections over from 111, and unless you are really in tune with what is happening around you, it is easy to miss something.

If it isn't covered somewhere else, how about a little bio on "EASTEND"? I like the T-shirt (are you folks selling them?).

I'll be in Section 103 on Sunday, so that gives us people chanting in Sections 111 and 103. Only need people on board in the 30 other sections. Who else wants to speak up for their section?

Oskee Wee Wee,

Whose House? OUR HOUSE!!!


Mostly friends and fans of the Tiger Cats all Grew Up in Eastend most of Us have our Jerseys with EASTEND and the number of our address or unit on the back. We sit Just behind the Baffin Advert in 111 and Have our banner Hanging on the side rails.
Used to sit In Box K @ IWS oh and most of the stuff we make say Argos Suck on them :slight_smile:

shirts are hard to get because we have an idea of how many to make and any extra go fast , If you were at Touchdown bar (old dizzy weasle) at about noon you could get lucky :slight_smile:

The Last Season @ IWS

Hey Boltz:

I grew up in the east end of Hamilton.

I was in the east section last game. I will be in the newly opened upper west section for this game.

We will be in different parts of the stadium, but come Sunday we will cheer as one.

And the Als will know what true fan passion is all about.

Yes would be nice to have a fan post here from each section in THF and get the "whose house our house" going Stadium wide!!!

Yes :thup: If everyone does there part in there area it will spread like wild fire throughout the Stadium :rockin:

Morning All,

Sent this to Rick Zamperin who read it on the Ti-Cats show last night.


Oops, here it is:

Hi Rick,

I'm trying to get the message out that we need to get the"Whose House? OUR HOUSE" chant right after the national anthem.
The EASTEND crew has been chanting this since Labour Day in Section 111. If we could get everyone doing this it would fire up the Ti-Cats.

There is a thread on the Ti-Cats forum for people to check out.

Whose House? OUR HOUSE!!!


[i]Our house? Guess that would make it a cat house! :stuck_out_tongue:

So this our house thing is supposed to make the Ticats tough?

Yup, our house, here you go dudes, this is really tough!


Yup, about as tough as an ambiguous british 80s one hit wonder pop band...[/i]

Our house will be a LOT fuller than their house was last weekend. And way noisier too!!!

Als fans have a lot of passion.....for their livingrooms and their blankets and their heaters and their slippers.