Our Head Coaches( a Time Line in the Turf)

Head coaches Of Tigercats 1950-2007

* Carl Voyles (1950-1955)
* Jim Trimble (1956-1962)
* Ralph Sazio (1963–1967)
* Joe Restic (1968-1970)
* Al Dorow (1971)
* Jerry Williams (1972-1975)
* George Dickson (1976)
* Bob Shaw (1976-1977)
* Tom Dimitroff (1978)
* John Payne (1978-1980)
* Frank Kush (1981)
* Bud Riley (1982-1983)
* Al Bruno (1983-1987)
* Ted Schnitz (interim) (1987)
* Al Bruno (1987-1990)
* David Beckman (1990-1991)
* John Gregory (1991–1994)
* Don Sutherin (1994–1997)
* Urban Bowman (interim) (1997)
* Ron Lancaster (1998–2003)
* Greg Marshall (2004–2006)
* Ron Lancaster (interim) (2006)
* Charlie Taaffe (2007-present)

To get Idea of When most of us Went to our 1st Cats Game.
I though I Give List of Coaches and the Eras
My 1st Game John Payne (1978-1980) Was head Coach

Please Vote and add to the Topic who your 1st Head Coach

I honestly can't recall my first game there...but I do recall I was in grade school, 5 or 6 maybe.....and the game my Dad took me to, Faloney and Cosentino were out and Joe Zuger played QB, against Saskatchewan, and the TiCats won big, Zuger set a record for the number of TD passes thrown in one game....anyone enlighten me about that game? I was there, but that's about all I can recall.......

John Gregory was the HC for my first game and I remember the Tiger-Cats got beat by the bombers. My most glaring memory of my first game was that there were these guys high up in section 9 chanting everytime the bombers had the ball.

They'd just yell out, "Break... His... Spine!" For a kid at his first game, that was funny!, the next couple years weren't so funny though.

First coach as a fan: Al Dorow.

First coach for an IWS game: John Payne

Coach for my "prime" as a fan; Al Bruno

Best coaching image: Ralph Sazio, cigarette slow-burning in his mouth, grinding out another Cat win. :wink:

My all time Ticat coaching list thread can be found at http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNp ... ic&t=14332 -- with all-time Cat win-loss records as accurate as possible.

Oski Wee Wee,

Ah the internet is a wonderful tool.

My first game attended was on 15 October 1962, Hamilton beat Saskatchewan 67-21, Zuger threw 8 TD passes in that game; and I was there.

My first game at (then called) Civic Stadium was in 1957 during the Jim Trimble era. I was 8 years old. I usually went with my neighbors across the street. We could get end-zone seats in the West end zone bleachers for 35 cents with a box top off crackers. We had lots of boxes with no tops in our cupboards. We had good teams almost every year - except 1960 when we dropped to the basement, but rebounded to win the Cup in '61.

Yes the internet is a wonderful tool.

My memory of my first game is also a little blurry. I do recall (hopefully correctly) that it was the first year of the "new" south stands. If so, I was not yet 4 years old as that would not take place until December of that year. My parents initiated me very young.

I think it may have either section 23 or 24 that we sat in. I recall trying to follow the play, although not very successfully. It was all so confusing to one so young. I'm not sure who won the game, or even who we played. My biggest memory would have to be how loud the cheering was when things went well for the Cats and the volume of the boos when they didn't go so well. I guess some things never change, eh?

As to the internet, here is a link http://football.ballparks.com/CFL/Hamilton/index.htm to a great site that gave me the year (1959!) that the south stands were completed. It's accompanied by a great story by Paul Wilson of the Spec. He is one of my favourite columnists. If Ken Peters is ever given the old heave-ho, perhaps he could be given consideration as his replacement? (But I digress, sorry!)

I don't quite recall my first game it was in the late 70's early 80's, but the coach I remember (and love) most would have to be Al Bruno.

I'll second that; Bruno was one class act.

  • Al Bruno (1987-1990) ------ FRESH MEAT :lol: --

My first game would have been in the mid 70's some time.

My Mom worked in a record store called Melody Lane at the Center Mall, players often came in to buy records including a player who often gave my Mom free tickets, a player by the name of Dave Boone.

By the age of 10 or so I was buying $2 tickets when ever I could afford to go and sitting in the west end zone bleacher tickets at Dominion.

I decided seeing a game for free was better than paying, so I started selling peanuts at the games as a kid and spent most of my time sitting in the box seats with a box of peanuts watching the game for free. Is it any wonder I migrated to a career in sales :o

I remember watching rookies such as Rocky DiPietro and Ben Zambiasi and predicting as rookies both of these guys would make their mark in Ti-Cat history.

The Bruno era was definately memorable for me.

I went to my first game on Thanksgiving Day 1979. The Cats crushed the Argos 42-3 and remember taking in all the sights and sounds and thinking I had to come back for another game. My favourite coach is and always will be Al Bruno. WHat a great person and a class act.