Our go-to guy????

Just wondering why our go-to guy was James tonight. Why would it not be Bruce, P-Rod or Stala instead of a rookie in his first game?

He must have been really nervous for his debut. They kept throwing to him to get his confidence back up.

That's fine, I like going back to a guy after he drops one. But I don't think we need to go back to them over and over again. What should have been done is to go to them, let them make the catch and then move on to your most experienced guys....

It's funny how in a couple of earlier games they went to Stala consistently, but as of late you hardly hear his name.

Stala could be our go-to-guy but as you say they are not going to him enough anymore.

Simply a poor play call on Kevin Glenns part. I am positive there is play that can be called than can islocate Bruce - Stalla or anyone but James or Bauman. Every team has the rub or pic play in their play book. This game could have easily have been won.

Davis or Ball in for James, Grant or Carter in for Bauman, nuff’ said. To the PR with Bauman.

Last I checked i think the coach's call the plays secondly if the defence keys on ur 2 only reliable recievers Bruce and Stala well you pass to whoever gets open and MB has said that this is a rebuilding year so we are gunna keep going to guys who have the rookie Gitters or who have a free pass because there canadian.

15_championships I hope you are making the lineup for next week that makes a lot of sense :thup:

Well, James did seem to get open a lot, if he keeps that up and washes the butter off, he could be dangerous.

Stala was open too and he never drops the ball.

Sure, I'm not saying James was the only guy open. But he was open enough to drop a bunch of passes. So... back to what I originally posted.

James was open a lot, that's why they throw to him.

Davis was open a lot, that's why the threw to him.

Both of these guys have had trouble with the dropsies.

I say start Ball and see what he can do.