Our Future is with QP!!!!

Why start Glenn people???? We need to develop Porter and he needs time to play. The way they're going about it now is perfect. Give Porter the first half to see what he does, if he struggles put in Glenn. Porter has had luck against BC already and if we start Glenn we won't be moving forward with where this team wants to be down the road. What is with Hamilton FANs, look at every other great QB in this league. They all had time to play and struggled, look at Doug Flutie for example. His first 2 and half years in this league he was not good but the coach's seen something in him and gave him a chance. And the list goes on, we know the guys. So now fans want to see Glenn and just forget about a guy that has all the potential in the world. Glenn is gone from Winnipeg for a reason, why did they give up on him? why did he throw 22 Int's in only starting a half a season? actually I thin k he only started in 7. I don't want to completely bash the guy, he's good backup and has a few years left in him but he's not our future folks.
And for the people who say, Porter can be backup and learn from Glenn on the field. That's BS, you don't learn to swim, ride a bike, drive a car, play hockey, tennis, golf by watching people. You learn when you play the game and not by watching.

Oskee Wee Wee!!!!!!!

No its not perfect because in almost six quarters of football he wasn't able to generate ONE touchdown. He may be the future, he's not the present.

You are right "the future" just not right now. Start Glenn, we have to play for now not the future.

At the level they are at they already know how to play football etc. They aren't kids in peewee anymore who need to play to learn. Overall they know what to do, but sometimes its the small things you see from the sidelines that you never notice while playing because of the speed of the game. The only thing he is learning right now b y continuing to play is learning to kill his confidence. He hasn't shown he is learning from his mistakes he continues to make the same ones and even more new ones weekly. I think he needs to sit down for a few weeks watch glenn and see the small things he does and work with Jones to get these things going and his confidence back. QB is just like a goalie when the confidence is gone it just isn't pretty.

You start glenn because he is looking like he has regained his 2007 form. He has moved the ball far better than CP. Potential is a dangerous thing. CP isnt getting it done. Its important to try and develop the guy but you also have to play THE BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE, right now that is kevin glenn

thank you!

Why not start Glenn next game and see if the cats can get ahead.Then put Porter in after he sees what is going on on the field.It might just help Porter see what he has to do better.Porter is the future of the Ticats but he is still young and learning.Let him learn from the veteran. :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: