Our front seven are peaking at right time!

Wow!...just unbelievable play by our front seven. We've basically shut down the running game the last three games including running qb's, and pressured the passer. With Adams and McIntyre back it has made Long and Hickman that much better. Here's hoping Jykine Bradley (our best corner) is going to be ok...we need the db's play to the level the front seven has. :cowboy:

6 sacks, 1 INT, 2-3 fumbles. We owned it today.

Brilliant, just brilliant. This defensive line is meshing and I'm sure they are scaring the living poop out of Montreal, Winnipeg and a few other contenders. Great job. :rockin:

I hope they can continue this next week. I'd love to see them sack Bishop 6 times...or more.