Our Free Agents

I feel the most important Free Agents to sign are the ones that do not have decent cheaper replacement.

Must signs in order:

  1. J’Gared Davis DE. This man is a beast against the run and pass and brings a great pass rush while respecting the run. He is a great tackler and tends to lead all dlinemen in tackles. I think he is 2knd only to Willie Jefferson for DE’s in the CFL.
    He would be very hard to replace.

  2. Odeleke- He had a superb all-star year. He plays as good as an import and hits hard has a nose for the football and has great speed and athleticism . He is young and will only get better. Best national safety in the CFL and impossible to replace.

  3. Bralon Addison. He is tall fast athletic and has good hands and getscyac yards and can run the ball and easily in the top 5 receivers in the CFL in only his 2knd year. Can’t be replaced. He is already a superstar.

  4. Jeremiah Masoli. Due to his ACL injury he wont be getting 700k. If he returns to form he is worthy of a incentive laden contract that could amount to 500 k. I like his cool calm demeaner and ability to run and take on dbs and he doesn’t panic or stay in the pocket too long. If he stayed healthy I feel he might have been the CFL MOP. I would trade Evans to Ottawa or Toronto while his stock is high.Evans stuck in the pocket too long in the Grey Cup.

  5. Ciraco - Young starting national guard from day one and he can only get better.

  6. Ted Laurent …Well not many impact DT’s out there. He is getting older and is not as good as previous years but still a priority

  7. Dylan Wynn…He is a beast and provided alot of pass rush and runstopping. If we can’t resign him , I think David Dean would be a decent replacement for far less money.

  8. Frankie Williams…Play great strong side corner and does a great job returning kicks.

  9. Jamal Rolle…This guy should be starting and very seldom gets beat.
    10 Rycker Mathews - solid player worth the raise
    11 Jackson Bennet…can play safety , db , sam or rb…great asset and good at special teams.
    12 Sutton in case the nationals dont produce

Ok now guys we can let go of.

  1. Van Zeyl - mostly because he is aging and commands 200 k. We have potential options with Gibbon and Okafor.Also, we likely will go with a national at rb with Erlington and Irons so we could use an equally talented import here for much less money.

  2. Tasker…He is looking slower , injury prone and less clutch and more drops and less ball control. The big issue is he will want a big salary and we have speedy Tucker and Jalin Marshall as cheaper and maybe better replacements.

  3. Filer - getting slower and older and commands a big buck…we can give Girard a shot or other . His best days are far behind him

  4. Mike Jones… Very poor year. More of a pylon …Ungerer and Coombs are better. That drop in the Grey Cup was the final straw

  5. Rico Murray…declining skills and high price. Tevin Mitchell could replace him

6.Justin Tuggle…well below avg MLB. Chris Frey was just about to take his job before he got injured

  1. Leonard…not a big fan…he will ask for too much due to allstar selection…Rolle and Frankie are better options.
    8 Howsare - decent year but will be due a big raise and Mauldin might be better already and cheaper
    9.Tracy --injury prone and too expensive…same for westerman
  2. Daly - too slow and not strong enough will ask for too much money. He got demolished in the grey cup and showed his lack of speed when playing safety this year.

Pretty much agree except for

1,2,3,5,7,8 and 10 on the dump side. :slight_smile:

Must Sign

Adeleke- Probably the best safety in the league. He has great coverage skills and can play SLB, DHB and CB in a pinch.

Davis- We signed him last offseason, because our pass rush was lacking. He provided that this season.

Ciraco- Been our starting RG since his rookie season and had probably his best season this year. We may need to cut ties with Van Zyle and Filer to give him a raise.

Wynn- I think having Laurent at playing the 1 technique helped him at the 3 technique.

Shorthill- When got his chance during the Lawrence Suspension he excelled. Bring him back as depth or have him or Lawrence start at MLB and the other at WLB.


RD 1 Pick 5: WR- Dijon Brisset (Richmond)

RD 1 Pick 8: DB Marc- Antoine Dequoy (U of Montreal)

RD 2 Pick 17: DT Cam Lawson (Queens)

RD 3 Pick 25: LB Samuel Rossi (U of Montreal)

RD 4 Pick 34: QB Nathan Rouke (U of Ohio).

Rds 5-8: probably add depth at OL, FB, DE

Disagree on Laurent…

In my opinion, he is a one trick pony in that he is a bull rush nose tackle who cannot move laterally and is ineffective once is gets bumped off of a straight-line rush to the QB.

If you let him get straight ahead momentum on a QB rush, he can still collapse the pocket but that is happening less often now.

He can plug up the middle on running plays but the good interior linemen in the league are mostly able to move him or trap him to one side so the running back can get past.

Too highly-paid compared to his level of play now IMO.

I would go Van Zeyl and Davis tied for 1st
Masoli right behind them

Anyone can be replaced but these guys are special.

The only one that I would say to cut bait on because of the $$$ would be Jones.
The only one I would say cut bait on because we need an upgrade is Tuggle.

Right on except for 1 & 7.

Totally agree, schemenger, assuming you’re referencing the let go list. Loved the way Van Zeyl was always beside Banks or Addison when the defence tried to scrum or intimidate them, especially the Argos. Impressed with Leonard’s “bounce back? after a shaky sophomore season. Thought he and Williams, along with Murray formed a tight unit.

Guess that means I’d also keep Murray, if he can be kept at a reasonable price, so, mostly agree, anyway.

Not quite sure where you are getting your info from but in your Must sign list your #5 is a must sign Ciraco . Got news for ya , he ain’t going nowhere as he is already signed , sealed and delivered for next year and isn’t one of our pending FA’s .

Ok my bad as Ciraco is already signed.

For those that mentioned keeping Van Zeyl well he is getting pretty old and after winning best olineman in the CFL I am sure her will ask for more than 200k which is alot and we have a very low cap around 5.2 million for 45 players. We have about 20 guys that will be looking for a raide or maintain their high salary. We have to let some go wherecwe have much cheaper alternatives that can perform at the same level
Since we can go national at RB with Erlington and Irons then we could go with a much cheaper import at Tackle like Tate or Palmer or other rookie and theyd have salaries around 50 k.
We cannot sign everyone that is for sure.

Filer is aging and getting slower and will command more money than he is worth. Go with cheaper option like Girard or possibly Gibbon or Okafor…convert to centre and draft a centre

Tasker is aging and getting injury prone and has been not been performing at the same level and will cost close to 200 k. Tucker and Jalin Marshall are as good or better than tasker and offer speed and ability to run the ball and are one third the cost of Tasker

Agreed by all Mike Jones and Tuggle have to go.

As for Leonard, he will be looking for a big raise being named a cfl all star.
Rollle and Frankie Williams are better than Leonard and Rolle will likely cost less and Williams is a star in the making at db and kick returner. Rolle can move to strong side corner and Frabkue can take strong side halfback over Leonard

Daly has to go as he has been outmuscled alot on special teams and was demolished at the grey cup. Did anyone see that ? He is extrenely slow as well and commands more money than he is worth.
Langa and Jackson Bennett are both faster and stronger and likely cheaper.

Rico Murray…had an off year and is getting older and has a very high salary. Tevin Mitchell is perefect to play sam or maybe even Beverette or Bennett.
The two imports would be one third of Rico’s salary with minimal drop off.

I find it much more fun and interesting to read posts that are positive and provide their thoughts and ideas on the topic. In this case who we should keep and why and who not to keep and why

Gerbear9, you present some interesting thoughts and opinions, some I agree with, some, not so much. My main reaction is I wish you would summarize more, and shorten your posts. If that is “trolling? you, or whatever term is applicable, my apologies.

Same here.

The one point in particular that I disagree with is in dumping experienced national players for cheaper nationals or internationals(Americans? not sure what they call them now) because we have Erlington. Especially when you (Gerbear) say to do both, dump both Jones and Van Zeyl. We all saw the importance of national depth elsewhere this year after we lost two or three national running backs, and Coombs wasn’t up to crashing the line.

Basically I’m thinking we need to sign at least one of these two. I suspect that we’ll probably let Jones go, not because he can’t catch (he can) or get open (he can), but because the gap between him and Ungerer isn’t that significant given the number of throws the position gets. But then who’s his backup? Again, depth is important.

No need to apologize Palmer .The theme is always “second verse same as the first”. * an homage to Patrick Swayze in Ghost .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Tasker is 28 years young, he had injuries this season, it’s football, injuries happen.
Tasker is probably one of the best possession receivers in the League.
Multiple CFL All-Star seasons, Multiple 1,000+yard seasons
He lives in Buffalo where his family is, so signing in Hamilton is best for his family
Hopefully he re-signs for a team friendly contract to stay close to home.

Tucker is an unproven rookie at 27 years old, looks to have great potential, but,
To claim he can replace Tasker is a longshot

So you want to trade Evans in favour of Masoli, who might not be ready to start the season?

Just thankful you’re not our GM. ::slight_smile:

A suggestion folks. How about, instead of quoting long posts such as Gerbear9’s in its entirety, we just refer back to the original, especially on shorter threads. Or quote, then delete edit down, to include just the particular part to which you want to reply?

By my count, Count Floyd’s post is the third time we have seen the complete original post.

Tucker was an unproven rookie. Now he has 15 games under his belt and I read somewhere that he had ZERO drops this past season. Will hit the ground running next season.

I love Tasker as much as the next Cats fan and I don’t mean to compare Tasker to Tucker because Tasker is just flat out better.
Why not Tasker and Tucker, looks like we are probably losing one starting WR to the NFL (If they are smart)
BUT II, if it comes down to Tasker, or Tucker and INSERT TICAT FA NAME HERE I go with the latter.

Trade Evans within the division by the way.

So you’re going to dump the guy with the second most special teams tackles because he was out of position on a blocking play on one return. Sure he got blown up on that play, but mostly because he was out of position and still tried to throw his body in and make a play. He had 18 special team tackles and can play as an extra DB on some packages. Depending on what he asks for he’s a versatile Canadian who plays special teams with heart.

Who didn’t get blown up on defence in that game? Daly is a local guy who fills an important need(s).

Must signs or big pieces to target I would say
-1 of either Ja’Gared Davis or Dylan Wynn (could we have both Santa?)
-Tunde Adeleke
-Addison if he doesn’t go to NFL
-Frankie Williams (esp. if we insist on him as a primary returner)

  • 1 of either Jumal Rolle or Richard Leonard
  • Rico Murray (still a solid player and versatile in case of DB injuries)
  • Big Teddy (yeah he’s older but quality Canadian DT are hard to find, always seems to make the guy beside him better - Brian Hall, Drake Nevis, Davon Coleman, etc.)
    -Chris Van Zeyl (starting Canadian tackles hard to find, still think he has another year or two in the tank)
    -Ryker Matthews

The team will have their own list of guys to target no doubt and lots of good quality players left out in the list above. Will be interesting to see how things shake out but every team is essentially in the same boat, apart from Ottawa I don’t see a lot of teams having much cap space to compete for other teams’ talent.