Our free agents...

In years past we would hear about 1-2 resignings per week. This yr we have only heard about 2 "big" resignings. Could some guys want out of mtl and away from the Poppy show?

I don't think so. Generally speaking, most teams have more potential free agents than in previous years. With the salary cap expected to rise by at least 10% , potential free agents may want more than teams want to offer. The situation is not unique to the Als but every CFL teams,except BC and Hamilton with not too many potential free agents.

I remain confident that the Als/Jim Popp will re-sign most of our potential free agents/the ones that want to remain with the Als. Many more want to remain than to leave.


We'll see...

I agree HfxTC, maybe there are some who are not so eager to stay given the current HC and OC status.
Maybe there are some who do not want to play for Popp as HC should that in fact be the case.

Potential free agents Billy Parker has re-signed with the Als. Two year deal. Good news!

According to RDS, OL Michael Ola has/will sign with Miami Dolphins. Good player but I would worry more if the Als were to lose Non-Import OT Josh Bourke.


I really hope Bourkey is next.

2 and half season developing Ola and we get nine games out of him...If we lose Josh we are in trouble.

Michael Ola is a 2 year veteran. Only 25 years old.

In 2012 he was on practice roster for 11 games and on active roster for 7 games + 1 playoff; he played in 5 games + 1 playoff game.

In 2013 he was on active roster for 18 games + 1 playoff; he played in 16 games + 1 playoff game.

He was a very good investment by the Als/Jim Popp; the Als did not spend too much on his development. He played mostly as a guard but also at tackle.

If he is not successful in the NFL. I do hope that he will return to the Als.


I'm some glad we didn't expose Matte. Flory,Woodruff,Ola and Barrette gone in the span of one season. Let's hope Philip Blake shows up at camp and that one of the big three Offensive Linesemen are still available at #4 in the draft.

I agree. for one from what I saw and have heard that Matte is just as good at Ola and if they sign Bourke back that keeps that Canadian Oline in tact.
There always seems to be plenty og Imort OTs that are ready tostart at either OT spot.

Confirmed via twitter
Ola a Dolphin


I may be too optimistic,but I expect that no less than 2 and as many as 4 of these 5 potential free agents will re-sign with the Als in the next 2 weeks; they are,in alphabetical order: Martin Bédard,Josh Bourke,Marc-Olivier Brouillette,Shea Emry and Kyries Hebert.

With regards to Scott Flory, I will not be surprised if he plays in 2014.


Of that list, Bourke and Emry are top priority. Signing one of MOB or Hebert for Will is next on the list.

If Flory can be effective at right guard, I have no problem with him coming back for one more season. I just don't want us starting him because of seniority when a younger player could do a better job for half the price (e.g. Lambert a few years ago -- it took a season-ending injury for us to see what LBJ could do at centre). But if Flory can still get it done, he'd provide some veteran stability on the line, given the departure of Ola and the retirement of Woodruff.

A complete Bicep tear that has been surgically re-attached is the arm equivalent of a complete ACL tear. Six to Nine months rehab before you can start training again and that's if there is no complications. I wish Scott the best but while Richard may not be surprised to see him play pro ball this year. I will be.

bomben has already secured the next up at RG and Matte showed he was more than ready to take the LG spot. Will they be able to carry florey's contract as a back up, do they ask him to take a pay cut and be a back up? or does he spend the year on the 9 game as an insurance policy in case of a long term injury on the interior.
Ola can thank the UFL and Jim Popp for giving him a chance to start. Hard to tell what his NFL role will be but at just 25 I could see him starting on a PR while they sort through some bigger name guys and get promoted when one does not perform.

Crazy as it may seem Herbert may be the most expendable at this point with some younger talented guys behind hi at Will and Ottawa culd be a nice destination for him. Redblacks have really no starters at the two LB spots and Herbert expereince in the CFL would solidfy the Will LB starting spot.
Rather Herbert go than Emery and it could come down to that

Flory will not get the same money he was earning.
He may be offered a contract for less and with no guarantee of a starting position.
As for 6-9 months, he had surgery in August time frame. That would put him around March -April time frame if that is how long it will take.
I believe he will be ready and like DP, would be a welcome veteran presence in a backup role.

Bourke is definitely a priority. And the way Hebert has played over the two seasons, he would be next for me.

The I have read that the dolphins are in desperate need of Oline help. His play at LG this season definitely caught their eye.
For Ola even starting or playing a season on a PR will be an upgrade in salary

Hebert is clearly superior to Brouillette at Will. However, Brouillette is a much more versatile player (can credibly play Will, Sam, and safety), besides being younger and a non-import. I think you try to sign both, though.

I would not be surprised if we lost Hebert to Ottawa.

That would be a big signing for Ottawa to get an all star in their LB corp. They did draft Pottinger but he is no longer really a full time starter type.
Ottawa would probably want Emery much more but would settle for import Herbert.
The next 6 weeks will be intersting