Our Free Agents

Phew. Nice to see Bowman and Perrett re-up. The foundation is always the lines. :thup:

Now, Keron Williams, your turn. :slight_smile:

Yes, this is good news.

And I am not surprised that no offer will be made to Riall Johnson, he hasn't impressed me no matter whether it was with us, Toronto, or Winnipeg.

Well, if Kerry gets the big offer from Hamilton, I won't blame him one bit for taking it. He's 30 and this is likely his last chance at a big-money contract. It will hurt a lot to lose him. Like Hfx, I feel that our slots will suffer from Kerry's departure, as the coverage on Ben and Jamel will increase a LOT. It remains to be seen whether Bratton and/or Hawkins can step into Kerry's shoes.

In the latter games of 09 and in the Grey Cup Bratton demonstrated good receiving and kick returning skill. I would rate him as the most improved player of 09. He can catch long and, has the strength to push away defenders playing short. His long kick return in the Grey Cup showed his strength as he plowed through waves of defenders. Question: Why do we designate even one player as a decoy? Surely Popp can do better than that. If we want a blocker then, lets us look for a big tight end. If we want speed at wide receiver lets find another Canadian like Pat Woodcook- the type that can go 99 yards in a Grey Cup game. Its preposterous to waste a position as a decoy!!!!

If Watkins leaves, does Bratton get his wide-out spot? Does Hawkins move into Bratton’s everyman role? Does Popp bring in someone completely new to challenge the receiver core, with S.J. gone to the NFL? How will Chad Owens factor in? With Taylor’s departure, who becomes the go-to guy on kick returns? I’ll be very curious to see how things play out this season.

If watkins does leave Bratton would seem like the obvious choice to succeed him. Bratton was definitely the most improved player on the team this season and Id say he is ready for a bigger role in the offense. He has all the tools needed to succeed and has the confidence of Calvillo he was the target when the als needed to get into field goal range and came up with what shouldve been called a catch and a rather impressive one at that. Other teams would be very foolish to leave Bratton in weak coverage and focus exclusively on Cahoon and Richardson.

If we move Bratton to wideout I can see Hawkins getting a bigger role with the team and I kinda agree with Richard on Deslauriers. We have a big canadian guy here with a lot of potential that he hasnt reached yet. Obviously dont give the guy a raise but keep him around and see if he can improve because thatd be a huge help to us for the ratio if he can be a productive member of the offense after Cahoon retires. I do not see any good reason to get rid of him and only good can come from keeping him and at worst we release him once we see if hes peaked.

Im also glad to see Perret and Bowman resign and the next big one we need to get locked down is Keron Williams he is too powerful a DT to let go

My guess if Watins leaves it is Bratton's to lose, Popp will bring competition at the camp, so nothing is given. But Als have the habit of integrating receivers over 2 years, first year on the PR or backup, next year starter or backup.
We had less rotation on the receiver side than in the past, so you saw less new faces, but Hawkins is in line to get a spot IMO.

Yes, but I don't see Hawkins as a prototypical WR, he's more along the lines of a Thomas Haskins, coming out of the backfield or slot position.

If Watkins leaves, we might use Bratton in his spot and put Deslauriers or Desriveaux or someone new out on the wide side.

Lots of rumours on the Winnipeg boards about the Bombers maybe now looking at Milanovich as head coach (if the Argos don't sign him first), and then maybe trading for McPherson.

What would we want off the Bombers' roster in such a deal?

Other than Doug Brown not much interests me on their roster, the big value is proven Canadian player, they are bare in there other than Brown IMO. Maybe i am missing something.

Bombers were not given permission to speak to Scott, they were given permission to speak to Tim Burke, so it would be very surprising move on their part.

Brendon Labatte on the Oline but we don't have enough room for the guys we have now...
Jabari Arthur is an interesting prospect but recovering from serious foot surgery.

According to reports in today's Winnipeg papers, it's being reported that Milanovich would be a leading candidate if Barker is hired as VP of Football Operations.

From the Winnipeg Sun:

Meanwhile, the Globe and Mail reported Wednesday that the Bombers have asked the Montreal Alouettes for permission to speak with their offensive co-ordinator, Scott Milanovich, about Winnipeg's vacant head coaching position. It's believed Barker and Taman would be interested in hiring Milanovich, and the request for permission indicates Mack might be as well. Mack is reportedly friends with Alouettes coach Marc Trestman.

Ah ! Jim talking out of his… during an interview. Not saying that the Als would say NO but he’s just dropping names as of now.

Jim Popp told/confirmed to RDS that the Als have given permission to Winnipeg to talk to Scott Milanovich about their coaching position.

He also said that the Trestman situation-candidate for Oakland position- is only a rumour. He added that on Tuesday night he spoke with Marc for 45 minutes re: Als 2010 season.


Pretty much like i said, they cupboard is empty on canadian talent IMO.

That is one of two major issues in Winnipeg, that's why it is odd to me that they would be considering hiring either Taman or Barker. Both have both shown very little success and regards to the NI part of roster management / recruiting.

Jabari Arthur would be an interesting addition giving us a Canadian receiver. Arthur was highly rated in university - he would have to be one of the best Canadian receivers available in last year's draft. He was ranked higher that Deslauries in his final year of university. I think he is a Montreal native.

Why would we trade a guy who makes a contribution every game for a guy who is 27, he’s never played a pro game, he’s a converted QB and he shattered his foot. Had he come in the CFL when he was drafted at 24 and progressed well, yes but he’s a prospect who has not developed as planned to the extent that Calgary gave up on him.

I disagree with Barker being so so on that aspect, Taman yes, but not Barker IMO.

Just a feeling, but I think Watkins will be somewhere else next season. Like Hfx, I have a feeling that there is going to be a bidding war for his services and we simply won't be able to afford him under the cap.