Our Free Agents

Duval wants an NFL shot and Watkins has received an offer but apparently wants to try his luck in free agency:

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/Argos+interview+offensive+ordinator+Milanovich/2436081/story.html]http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/A ... story.html[/url]

I'd be sad to see Kerry go, but he has earned the right to top receiver dollar and we may not be able to accommodate him under the cap. Duval? I doubt he'll stick down south, but you can't blame a guy for wanting a shot.

Could be lots of changes this season. Milanovich in the running for the Toronto job, Burke in the mix for the Winnipeg job, many free agents. Should be interesting, if nothing else.

The article confirms what I believed to be the case: Trestman calls Calvillo's plays, not Milanovich. Scott's mandate is the running game. In Montreal, he has a great support system, a head coach who's an offensive genius, a stable offensive group to work with, and a GM who excels at bringing in new talent. In Toronto? Who knows what he'll have, other than a wingnut for a GM?

So Popp made Kerry an offer, good.
Now Kerry should be careful accepting a FA offer, too many in the same position failed miserably outside of Montreal, especially at receiver. My guess is he will leave. The good news is it opens up the roster for the next one. The only receiver Popp had a problem replacing was Copeland, every other one was not an issue.

From Herb's article it looks like Milanovic was not the full OC, which leads me to believe he may not be too hard to replace, i hope anyway.

I have that feeling as well. It would not have been so bad because S.J. Green was waiting in the wings, but.....

SJ was Richardson replacement, think more Bratton or even Hawkins and i think we are ok.

When Kerry wrote back he mentionned he was hoping to retire an Alouette so If Jim’s offer was fair. I think he will stay but if a team is willing to give him substantially more of course he will take care of number 1.

I know Kerry gets the odd brainfart but overall he is very reliable receiver, he’s durable and has a great attitude. I don’t agree that he would be easy to replace. The only other guy in the league that puts up numbers like that year in , year out is Geroy.

I hope for Duval they don’t look at the GC tape.

Wrote back?

:lol: :lol: jokes aside he has been reliable for us, the GC was his worst game as an Als period. he has been clutch in key moments, now that is one that would be difficult to replace. Just to put things in perspective all i have to say is: Terry Baker.

As for Watkins i like Watkins the person, the player is good, but not the best we have had in that spot IMO. Bratton, Owens and a few others would be in line for this.

I'm not a huge Watkins fan, but he would be difficult to replace. Hawkins is probably the best candidate, as his skill set is similar (shifty, tons of speed, undersized, can pile up the YAC), but while the raw talent is there, he won't step into Kerry's shoes without an initial drop-off. Bratton could be ready for more responsibility. Then we have guys like Owens who are unknowns to me at any rate.

If Kerry does leave, I hope it's not a Copeland-type situation where we spend the next five years trying to find his replacement. However, my personal belief is that we'd be able to fill Watkins's position within a year or two.

Yeah but look at Hawkins he broke his ankle in his first second or third game where he hit the field. Watkins has played just about every game for five seasons straight and his production is still improving !

WATKINS, K 2005 MTL 97 1,364 14.1 75 9
WATKINS, K 2006 MTL 86 1,153 13.4 68 5
WATKINS, K 2007 MTL 76 1,092 14.4 70 5
WATKINS, K 2008 MTL 84 1,178 14.0 36 10
WATKINS, K 2009 MTL 81 1,243 15.3 71 8

Yeah you can write to Kerry via his website, He replied to me real quicks so i guess they hit his blackberry, he's all class too.


I don't think Watkins will be a Copeland situation, Bratton is a great option and a great guy, as for Hawkins good question, I think it is more likely fluke.

Watkins definitely seems to be the question mark here. All indication IVe seen are that he wants to try the market and he will likely get a significantly better offer from other teams. Depends how much more that offer is and whether he would prefer more money or more stability. Kinda weird situation with most star free agents though is that the teams that would have the best systems in place for them to succeed are also the teams that dont have the money to pay them as well. I could easily see the argos making a push for him but without a QB or proven system in place it isnt a great environment to get into. Realistically Watkins best chance for a repeat at the grey cup would be here but we likely cant give too big a raise to do so

Kerry is 30 so this is possibly his last chance to make some coins and we’ve commited a lot of money to Jamal and Ben so it is very possible that the Ticats or Argos will come in and offer him 30k more than the Als can. With Milanovich in Toronto and Bellefeuille in Hamilton, Kerry is not stepping in to an unknown situation.

IMO our other recievers will have much tougher coverage if we lose Kerry but that is what a cap does to a successful team.

Watkins has been the preferred receiver for the Als for several years including his role in their Grey Cup. I believe he is the best free agent available and, would improve any team looking for a quality receiver. There are a few excellent Canadian receivers in this years draft and the Als should be able to get one of them as they have the 7th pick and a Canadian at this position is the only weak spot in their lineup. In addition if we include the salary cap in this mix, this would prove to be a good fiscal move for the team.

Probably pointless to ask, but I"ll try once again.

Richard, can you please explain why you have Eric Deslauriers on your list of priority signings? I'm not questioning your football acumen at all, just I would like to know your reasoning. . .

Good luck with that one... 8)

We don't have too much depth at the non-import positions of WR/SB; Eric Deslauriers doit être signé; let's give him a chance; we have nothing to lose; he will definitely not receive a raise. Should we find someone better in the upcoming draft, we just could waive him. I still think that he could be valuable to the Als.

I think that he will be signed soon,along with Paul Lambert and Brian Chiu; l'avenir nous le dira; we have to sign most of our potential non-import free agents.


I don't have a problem with Eric. His assignments are mostly to run obstruction and create traffic, I think he does that well.
Chris Bauman may be an interesting pickup for the Als if the the Ticats don't pickup his option and there are a couple really good prospects in the draft and potentially some interesting free agents in Heargraves and Cetoute.

It has been difficult to judge both Deslauriers and Desriveaux, as the wide side receivers are rarely used. It would be interesting to see them as slot receivers in Cahoon`s place, but not for another year!
Great to see Bowman signing and Perrett re-upping. Next important guy that has to be signed is Keron Williams.

It's very true that the wide side WR is not often used in our offence. . it was only when this past season they put Bratton out there that a few passes were directed that way. When it was Eric, and before him Sylvain Girard, they were hardly used.

Great news! I am pleased with the signing of potential free agent John Bowman-DE- through the 2012 season; I am as much, if not more, pleased with the extension of non-import OT Jeff Perrett again through the 2012 season. Hoping that Shea Emry is the next to extend.

I have the impression that Mr.Popp will continue to announce signings of our potential free agents in the next weeks; once the free agency period begins,-2010-02-16- we won't have too many free agents.

At this time I doubt that Kerry Watkins will be back-he will sign with Hamilton-; Mr.Popp said that Riall Johnson will not receive an offer; he thinks that he will retire.