Our Free Agent signings

Wow! The ticats are killing it and I have seen so much talent and depth and we chose not to sign some inferior players.
I am not sure howe we were able to fit all these signings under the cap .

  1. We now have a over abundance of starting db’s.
    Breaux, Brooks, Frankie W, Rolle, Ford, Rico ( moving from SAM with Levels signing ), Tevin Mitchell,
    Saefeties : Adeleke, Courtney, Daley.

I would assume Breaux and Brooks start on the short side. Adeleke at safety, Rico at strong side half leaves Ford, Rrankie and Rolle fighting out for he one strong side corner spot.
I would assume they might make a trade

Our Dline is the same as last year which great
And our linebacker look like 3 all-stars in Simoni, Dean, and Levels.
And our db’s look better than ever.

We have depth at most spots except Left Tackle where Rycker signed with BC.
There are 4 players that I felt we could use an up grade for and it looks like they are letting them walk for upgrades:
1 Tuggle let go replaced by DEAN
2 Not signing Mike Jones for Ungere or for all import receivers Banks, Posey, Acklin, Jaliin Marshall and Marcus Tucker.
Tasker likely won’t be resigned…i love the guy but I think the end is near

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I think the fact Tasker hasnt been signed yet means the market is likely cool on him and could see him back.

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I hope so, I would like to see him bounce back after last season

Concerned about the lack of a kicker and field goal guy

The Ti-Cats will probably draft a kicker.

Tasker is a possession Receiver that runs precise routes in high traffic areas of the field.
I don’t see that in any of our young receivers(yet)
I hope Tasker re-signs for 2 years


The thing that’s got me wondering is the number of DBs we signed. We only lost Lennard, but we picked up 3. If we assume Stephen is a depth, special teams signing and Adeleke is the starting safety. That leaves us with 7 starter quality players for the 5 DB positions (including SAM linebacker). Are they thinking about dumping a large salary from the backfield or are they going to have two starter quality players on the bench?

I am very impressed with the defensive signings overall, I think our D will be as good, if not better than last year. Dean is definitely an upgrade over Tuggle at MLB and the signing of Levels is an interesting move.

On offence, we lost Addison, Mathews and potentilly some of our RBs. Posey helps the situation. Hopefully we can get Tasker back. I am sure we can plug in a capable replacement for Matthews and we have depth at RB.

All in all we are in good shape and who knows what surprise find will materialize at camp.

It would be nice if we addressed the K/P position

The Tasker ship has sailed in my opinion. As much as I appreciate his service, there are younger and faster suitable replacements. It’s tough to see a fan favourite leave or retire but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

I forgot about the kicker. Good point. Not crazy about the draft option for the position. Need someone we can rely on to make field goals. Hopefully we can find one.

Coach 1950 , I’d like to agree with you but then we’d both be wrong . Tasker is a keeper .

Pat Lynch (the aged dude)

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Tasker just turned 29 last month

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Luke is probably going to have to take a pay cut to come back.
Part of the problem is the higher minimum salaries eat up all of the increase in cap space. So the top guys still get paid, the minimum guys get more and the middle gets squeezed. Not the best system for the vast majority of players.

I agree that he would have to take a serious paycut, He is also the holder for F/G’s
Oh, thats right, we still need a kicker!


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J. Marshall 25 M. Tucker 28

I thought we still had Amazvica on our roster?
No guarantee Lirim signs on in the NFL.

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I am so happy Frankie re-signed however I am still not sold on Adeleke. I know he had something like 5 interceptions last year, but he fell down a few time at the most inopportune moments. Just like Gainey did in the 2015 Eastern final.

The Gainey botched play is in a class of its own . It cost the Cats the game. Adeleke

is no Gainey . Reminds me of Lloyd Bentsen and Dan (potatoe) Quayle .

Pat Lynch (le vieux)

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If Amazvica won the P/K job coming out of camp it would be Amaz(vica)ing! :tiger: