Our Forums!!

I have never seen so little and so few posters on here in the last 6 years. Whats happened peeps, yah we have had a bad run the last few years...

yeah…the downward spiral was talked about a few months back as well…shame that the actual Riderville forum is taking a nosedive…I think some of the facebook pages have not helped…more readily at one’s fingertips.

For me…I might not be on much in the future…seriously contemplating an opportunity to get my feet wet again…I have passed a couple things up but am mowing this one over

You think the riders brass would be a little concerned, I sure wish they would bring the old one back, this his hard to get on.

Getting your feet wet in what?
(sorry don't know much about you :smiley: )

doesn't much matter what it is...a couple people who know me on here will figure it out. Would be the first time I have held employment in some time though. Right now it is all batting it around though...I make more not "working" than I would taking this on....and the wife has a pretty sweet job here that she really likes, which is why we have kinda settled here with the intent of likely heading south at some point down the road. My previous career path was always filled with uncertainty...so the past number of years has been about the opportunity to put hers first for a change.

Cory? :lol:
Well whatever you decide I hope it all works out for the best for you. Not sure what you would be looking at and it's non of my business but I hope your able to still come on from time to time. We may not see eye to eye on everything but I would miss the bantering. :slight_smile:

Has to be the new site. It's difficult to find the forum link unless you scroll to the bottom of the main page. I had trouble finding it. Also, mobile versions don't show a link to forums unless I'm missing something?
I'm sure that's why traffic is down. (along with a 3-15 team starting it's first third at 1-5)

I guess they don't want anyone using it.