1. Matt Sewell - Huge offensive Tackle from Mac ...Not hearing much NFL interest and since he is a local grad this might be the right pick and he could be a ratio buster at OT ? ranked # 2 pick

  2. Stefan Charles- Big Athletic Defensive Lineman from local Oshawa - ranked # 4 pick

3 Bo Lokombo - LB - OREGON - Big time athletc and ranked # 1 pick but we have a lot of good linebackers including Fred Plesius .

  1.  Ben D'Aguilar - A small MAC Defensive End getting some NFL interest likley for outside linebacker . ranked # 5 picks 

5 Linden Gaydosh - Big Defensive Lineman out of calgary - ranked #3 pick

I think they shoudl pick Sewell for a few reasons .

First is that they have no real Non Import Offensive Tackle and newly acquired Greg Wojt could be use at OT as well .
Sewell is huge and is form the local school and thus would not be looking to take off west like BAUMANN and ROTTIER did in the past . I have also not heard of much NFL interest likely since he is form a canadian university

I think we have plenty of linebackers in JJ , Simoni Lawernce, Marcellus Bowman , Shomari Williams and great non import prospect in Plesius already so Lokombo is questionable and i guessing he would garner some NFL interest .

The 3 Dlineman Gaydosh , Charles,D'Aguilar sound Ok but neither have big sack totals and we already have acquired
Bulcke and have Laval grads Fortin , Shomari Williams and Gascon-Nadon.

My feeling is to pick either Matt Sewell or Bo Lokombo . If we have too many good linebackers then we could just trade one

HMMM ? Matt Sewell looks to be rated pretty high for the up coming NFL Draft ..

Luke Willson and Matt Sewell are the top Canadian prospects heading into the 2013 NFL Draft.

Willson is a two-sport star who played both baseball and football for the past four years at Rice University in Texas (Wilson was drafted by the Major League Baseball Toronto Blue Jays in 2011).

A 6’4, 250-pound tight end from LaSalle, Ontario, Willson is the highest ranked Canadian (24th among tight ends) in this year’s NFLdraftscout.com ratings.

Willson attended St. Thomas of Villanova High School in La Salle and played for the Canadian junior national baseball team in 2008. He also played football for the OVFL Essex Ravens.

His breakout season on the football field came in 2010, when he led the Rice Owls with 425 yards receiving in 11 games. In 2012 he struggled with injuries, affecting his current ranking on NFLDraftscout.com.

Sewell, an Offensive Tackle from Milton, Ontario, is a two-time All-Canadian with the CIS McMaster Marauders.

In 2011 Sewell helped McMaster capture its first national title in program history.

Sewell played high school football at Milton’s Bishop Reding Secondary School, and also participated in IFAF’s International Bowl series as a member of Team World.

Dubbed an “ultra-athletic behemoth? by the Hamilton Spectator’s Scott Radley, Sewell was one of two Canadians invited to the NCAA’s showcase prospect game – the 2013 East West Shrine Game - in January. Calgary’s Kirby Fabien (another offensive lineman) was the other.

The 6? 8, 340-pound Sewell is ranked 44th among all players at his position by NFLdraftscout.com.

Neither Willson nor Sewell will be participating in the 2013 NFL Combine (February 23-26), yet several past CIS players have used Shrine Games to earn NFL free agent contracts. Recent examples include Israel Idonije (University of Manitoba/Chicago Bears), Akiem Hicks (University of Regina/New Orleans Saints), Dan Federkeil (University of Calgary/Indianapolis Colts) and Samuel Giguère (Universite de Sherbrooke/Indianapolis Colts).

The 2013 NFL Draft will be held April 25-27, 2013.

Eastern Michigan’s Andy Mulumba is another draft-eligible Canadian ranked by NFLdraftscout.com. The 6’4, 263-pound senior is ranked 82nd among defensive ends. In 2008 Mulumba starred at Vieux Montreal high school, where he was named defensive most valuable player and provincial all star. One of the few true freshman to play for the Eagles in 2009, Mulumba has recorded 156 tackles over four seasons for the Eagles.

Photo thejetsblog.com
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Luke Wilson who's CFL rights belong to the Argos ran an electronic 4.47 and 4.55 at his pro day this week. His stock is even higher than the rankings show. Sewell should get an NFL futures contract on sheer size alone. Lokombo could be drafted if he keeps progressing during his senior year. Charles could also get a look. Those 3 are high risk high reward picks. Hamilton can afford to take Sewell with all the kids who were drafted last year that need a roster spot this year.

"We" cannot pick anyone. Austin and his staff will.

He will make the best choices for the team and regardless of whether we agree with them or not we will have to live with his choices. Spending all this time and thought on something you have no control over is not a very good use of your time.

Lets talk about the choices after they have been made.

No offense, but I find it rather funny that the dude who is constantly complaining about Alouette fans coming on here to talk football is telling someone else to stop wasting their time talking about something they can't control.

On the topic at hand, I say take the Sewell kid from Mac. Yes, he has NFL minor interest, but I don't think that should stop the team from taking him. The Cats have an abundance of linemen, so not having Sewell this year wouldn't be a big deal anyway.

It takes two seconds to tell an Als fan to go away. My point is that gerbear9 is spending significant time and thought on this. In the end he will only be even more disappointed if Austin doesn’t pick any of the guys his heart is set on.

My approach to the draft is to wait till the team has made their picks and then look deeper into just the Ticat picks. There are so many players available each year that I simply don’t have time to know about them all.

gerbear9 is a great fan who I respect and I am simply sharing my approach.

More importantly, we should be concerned and pay special attention to whom the TiCats draft in the 3rd & 4th rounds.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/hardy-which-draft-round-is-the-most-important]http://www.cfl.ca/article/hardy-which-d ... -important[/url]

[i]"I expected a very high correlation between a Club’s winning percentage and its draft success. However, what I found was that there were no definitive results on any rounds except for the middle two rounds. What I found in rounds three and four was that there was a very high positive correlation between winning percentage and the number of selections in the third and fourth rounds, as well as a high positive correlation between winning percentage and the number of drafted Players who made a Club’s roster.

Successful CFL Clubs have been built any number of ways: through free agency, or trades, or negotiation list rights. But most CFL General Managers will agree that strong Canadian content is key to a winning team. And, obviously, the Canadian Draft is integral in accumulating that Canadian content.

Based on my analysis, Clubs can most greatly impact their probability of success on the football field by being especially prudent with their selections in the middle rounds."[/i]

Well...wouldn't that STILL be not a very good use of our time? After all, you would still have no control over. Come to think of it, I guess we shouldn't watch and discuss the games either, since we have no control over the outcome of those too.

Pick someone who wants to play here, not out west or Montreal, or in the No Fun League.

Thanks Zen State ...

I just generally enjoy predicting and playing Manager and seeing how close my thoughts and ideas are to the actual results . I was walking with Obie one day after practice at Training Camp and we were talking about all the tough decisions and how some pan out and others do not . He essentially said that you can do all the homework and pick the right guy that wants to play for you and fits in just right but the big thing then is he has to perform and that doesn't always work out right due to many circumstances like injuries, chemistry , work ethic , role , team mates etc . Essentially all you can do is try to make the right moves and hope for th best .

There are tons of example :

We draft Rottier and develope him and becomes a starter only to leave via free agency to Edmonton his home.
We draft BARKER first overal and he gets injured so often that he retires without realizing his potential .
We finnaly get Giguere in a Ticats unifrm after years of anticipation and him being on an NFL practice roster and then he ends up having a very average showing .
Baumann also left to Calgary and never became what we thought he coudl be

To me , the lesson hear is if you can help it draft a local boy that won't bolt out west when they peak and are a free agant :slight_smile:
Hence , draft Charles , or Sewell both ranked high and local boys .

On that topic. Monsieur Plesius is heading to Baltimore for another NFL combine. Once he's turned down. Austin can offer him a two year contract at league minimum and he has it coming :thup: