Our enigmatic Lions

I watched the Lions play the Calgary Stampeders last night. Like all Lions fans I was disappointed to see the LIons lose.

It is not often that a team as good as the Stamps can be kept out of the end zone for the entire game. Calgary could not score a single TD much to the credit of the Lions D.

However, much to the credit of the Calgary D, the Lions were completely held off the scoreboard after their 1st drive TD! Calgary was able to contain the Lions all evening not allowing the Lions to get in range for even a FG attempt.

The Lions could have won this game in my books. Should they have won? That is a difference of opinion. It was not for lack of trying.

Logan is a slippery as a fish but couldn't get any traction all night. Every he tried to run a punt back he was stopped dead in his tracks by a downfield coverage team. The Lions run game was shut down and while Glenn threw some impressive passes, he also threw some lame passes that I'm sure he'd like back.

Cornish was the key to Calgary's win in my opinion. Shut Jon Cornish down and the Lions had a crack at stealing this one. Cornish had other plans racking up over 150 yards on the ground.

The way the game was evolving it became just a matter of getting within FG range. Lions FG kicker Paul McCallum never got the chance. Calgary's Paredes got 4 chances and capitalized on every one of them!