Our draft picks

Has anyone heard any rumors if any teams were over the cap last season thus forfeiting their 1st pick to us?

Also I remember when we acquired Kashama from Montreal it was published:

Traded to the Ticats on September 10, 2008 in exchange for a conditional draft pick.
Did anyone hear anything about this compensation?

I would hate to think we gave up a decent pick for him.
He did VERY little last year.

My guess is that at least one team will be over the cap, and that we'll again get that pick because we were last in 2008.

There is zero chance the pick we gave to Montreal for Kashama was anything less than a fifth or sixth rounder, based on his brutal performance in Hamilton. A conditional pick means that the pick is higher the better a player performs.

I would think that the pick is conditional on Kashama re-signing.

At any rate he probably isn't the answer to the Cat's pass rush problems, nor is he worth a high draft choice.

I don't think we get their pick but rather move up a spot just like everyone else in the league.

If we did get an extra pick, I'm all for it.

Last year we did get the Montreal pick for them being over the cap

With the extensive "sad" use of the nine game injury list last year. I would be very surprised any team will lose a pick. Maybe monetary hits but draft picks. Cats Have 3 picks in the top nine already, only so many roster spots you can set aside for rookies. There might be a couple guys at most in this year's draft who could start. I don't see one that could actually make an impact.

Didn’t Calgary end up starting 2 of last year’s draft choices on their O-line this year?

That they did; Tsoumpas and Newman. They did pretty darn good, too.

It's a weak year with few real impact players out there. Best to take a couple of guys who can help right away, like the O lineman'.

This years draft is going to go a long way in determining how long that Obie is going to stick around. Last years draft, at least at this point is looking like a fiasco.

....Bombers also started one of their draft choices of 08, on the o line....Labatte.. a definite keeper who played the entire season


We have yet to see but I anticipate both Barker and Samuel "Guns" Giguere to make a strong impact eventually.

I wonder if Dungy's retirement will impact Giguere's future with the Colts?

Last year's draft was exceptional.

Last year at this time naysayers were predicting a weak draft in 2008. ITS not a weak draft, theres lots of Talent. Its predicting which ones will be good pro,s- ImHO -
Saint Mary's. Ryan Warburton. SB. Hamilton Cathedral / Ironmen.

I don't know what you are talking about because just about everyone agreed last year's draft was special. Let's see how many Div 1 4 year starters get drafted in the second round this year... Oups there ain't ONE in the entire draft.

I've seen Ryan play plenty and he certainly is not going to start in the CFL next year. Actually the next guy to come out of SMU that will start right out of college in the pros, will be Justin Palardy.

Drafting for a position player, R.W= Slotback, would be better and tougher than Morieli. another Depietro! Part of Ticats past draft pick problem has been giving to much credit for caliber of ncaa, should draft from CIS!!!

There are good players in both systems. NCAA picks are tricky because if the player has started well and shows well at combines he may spend some time in the NFL and in rare occasions you may not see them at all. CIS players are a safer bet that you will see them show up but often require a little more development time. Then again there are the Lumsden , Lapointes, Fantuz…

Then there are the redshirt Canadian that were part of an NCAA program but nver or rarely started, those are mostly crap shoot.