Our Defensive Secondary

Today on Fan590 Mike Hogan said he asked the Argos how they plan on attacking the TiCats.

The answer was ..."just throw the ball ,they can't cover "

Sad ,it's true.

Shultz added ....you don't need the best defenders (DB's)but you need them to all work together in sync!

I don’t think it’s that we have a bad secondary as much as we dont seem to play the right players at the right positions.

It's difficult to work in sync when there are so many new players game after game.

Yes Hamilton's DB's will be getting torched again this week.

the ticats D played well on labourday...unfortunatly, they were on the field 90% of the game.

this is something ive noticed in many ticat losses...the D plays well enough to win, but the O leaves them on the field far too long....and in bad field position ( like maas fumbling or tossin up picks near thier own goalline then expecting the D not to give up points ).

that, and they need a cotton, cheatwood or montford type guy....they rarely put pressure on opposing QBs to throw in a panic and make a mistake.

they definitely play well enough to win (almost always)

but they never actually step up for a whole game and win it.

There were many chances on poorly thrown balls from bishop that should have been knock downs or INTs IMO...

Just didn't happen.

That said, i loved the way the defense played monday. all heart baby

I have to agree with Espo!

"All heart" indeed!

I'm hoping the Armour gets a chance to lay an openfield hit on Mr Bishop that the ref's can't weasel about...

Your D is weak overall. No pass rush except for Loesher and the secondary is atrocious. I'll give respect to Moreno and Armour, but otherwise your screwed. 18 hours to kickoff, 21 hours to the death of the Ticat season.

What happened to Beverage starting at safety?? is he hurt??, the D improved a lot with him in at safety, He can hit like Hitch and that makes receivers nervous!!

I agree Beverage seems suited to play back there. He is the best option IMO. They players have to stop being moved around like a merry go round. We have a good defense but right now they are tired from spending 80% of there time in there own end because the offense is putrid. The returners need to step it up a notch as well. Make things happen if the blockers don't.

Arland Bruce is till out which will make it much easier on the Cats secondary. I think they'll still get burned though but not as badly.

Beveridge is a big-time hitter but is he a strong cover guy? Seems I recall him getting lit up in the middle a number of times. It would help all the DBs if the coaches would settle on the personnel and let them play together.

An Argo-Cat fan

why the hell are we wasting Cody at safety???

It's simple. Cody is better than Beveridge at Safety. That would make about 17 players better than Beveridge at Safety, by my count...

I was going to say it. Beveridge is a career backup.

As much as I like Cody for his ballhawking skills, I appreciate his hitting ability more. I think he could develop into a star at rover. He has been an all-star as a defensive halfback, but given time, I think safety is a better fit.

Is Beveridge a better safety than Tay? Dunno, frankly. Ask me at the end of the season. Giving Tay a series of games at safety may be a great investment in the long run.

RKK was not getting it done while he was at rover this year. I do not know how he will factor in at the other positions, but he needs to start playing with a little jam, IMO. Having Tay and RKK back there will help out deep zone game immeasurably if RKK can get back to form.

I expect a DB or two to enter into the mix with NFL cuts and possible trade(s). By mid-October, some sense of the core group has to be found or it will remain a puzzle come 2008 training camp.

Oski Wee Wee,

I agree about Cody. I think he could be great safety as long as you have the talent available to take his spot at HB.