Our Defensive Line

I am confused with Ticats Management.

Especially regarding the Defensive LINE.

First of all , it is my understanding that our ratio will stay the same as last year with one International starting at DE and a national starter at the other DE spot.

DE Adrien Tracy had a very poor year last year with zero pass rush especially in the Easter Final. I was there and a stoned blindfolded ex kicker Bernie Ruoff could have generated more pressure on Trevor Harris. I am sure Trevor didn’t have to wash his uniform after the game and he came pretty close to a 100% completion rate.
I felt we had seen the end of Tracy. Well we end up signing him and I am sure he would sign for no less than starter money.

Then a few days later we fly elite Free Agent ex Stamp J’Gared Davis into Hamilton to meet with Orlondo and June Jones and co. Well this must have been planned before signing and we could have held off from signing Tracy until we find out if we were getting Davis. June Jones coached against Davis in SMU days and June has quoted that Davis should be in the NFL. I was disappointed to see that Davis only signed for one year. I am assuming he heard June Jones comment and wants another crack at the NFL after this year or even the XFL. It seems like alot of effort and cost to sign Davis for only one year.

So now we have Tracy as an overpayed backup which is not a smart move with such a low Salary cap. Are there any Tracy fans out there ?. liked him a bit initially but I thought his poor play and being prone to injury meant he’d be gone with Neill. I know he got engaged to a local girl but my guess is that his salary is that of an average veteran International. This is too high for a backup. We could have went with Howsare or a rookie out of camp as the backup to Davis and saved some money to sign other quality starters.

Jamal Westerman is a national DE who had a great year with WPG 2 years ago that earned him a huge salary of 220 k per year with MTL. MTL traded him to the Ticats after he had a poor start with MTL.When Jamal started for the ticats he did not play well and then got injured. Last year was pretty much a disaster year for Jamal. That was not a player worth any where near 220 K. I hope the Ticats do not plan to pay him 220k this year. I hope that both sides can come up with a compromise of maybe 170 K as a renegotiated deal as I know there is no team in the CFL that would sign him for more than 170 k after last year’s flop and injury.

That leads me to Justin Cappiciotti. He was signed with us as a starter and he certainly did not perform like one last season. With Westerman here, Justin is no better than an overpayed backup. Connor Mcgeough or a 2019 draft pick would be a more suitable more cost efficient backup.

If the cats signed Tracy for starter money as a backup and keep Westerman and Cappiciotti at grossly overpayed salaries well then I can see that don’t have Jim Popp as our GM.

If appropriate moves were made with these 3 players and their salaries then we could have had money to sign an experienced CFL Free Agent OT like Randy Richards or Jovon Olafioye to replace Rycker Mathews. We could also have had money to sign a good receiver like Weslon Dressler to play for Jalen Saunders while he recovers from a torn ACL that will see Jalen back by labour day at the earliest. Dressler could also act as insurance in case of injury, if Saunders doesn’t recover as hoped, and in case Bralon Addison doesn’t turn out

We could also upgraded our international DT with Gabriel Knapton who is excellent and just signed a few days ago. Having 3 ex BC coaches defensive, I would have thought ready to break out star linebacker Micawe Awe would have been the ideal choice. Well we ended up getting Tuggle who no longer had a spot on the Argo Defence with Bear Woods and Micawe Awe there…
Micawe Awe will be an all star this year.

It’s a shame for our offence to go into this year with two unproven Offensive Tackles in Palmer and {Avery Jordon or a rookie like Pointer} The word is that June Jones is very high on Avery Jordon. Well the Avery Jordon that I saw in about 3 starts looked very shakey and out of place and he doesn’t really have an established University Career and no time with any CFL or NFL team. I guess we can just cross our fingers that June has the eye for potential. I know his choice to dress Mcdaniel over Sinkfield in the playoffs is still making me scratch my head

Palmer has had 3 decent starts with us and played some in BC but he is far from proven or money in the bank. Rolling the Dice at the two offensive tackle spots with unproven players is not the way to get to the Grey Cup and ensure Masoli has time to throw 300 yard games finding Banks and Tasker and co…

If anyone has any thoughts or clarification that would be great.

Oskie Wee Wee-

I like your logic. However, if these guys don’t perform well in camp I hope Orlondo has the nards to cut them. The pass rush last year was a joke and needs to drastically I prove. If you want to play with the big dogs you need to have some big dogs.

Wow…very long post on a bunch of stuff. It reminds me of someone who seems to have gone AWOL. Is this really Gerbear posting under a new handle? Nobody else could be as critical of so many players at one time. Or could they?

Forgive me if I’m wrong?

LOL !!! I was just thinking the exact same thing . ;DHmmmm… OskieGbear perhaps ? ;D

I think one of Westerman or Cappicotti will be cut, maybe even both. We have McGough and Van Pelt, who will both need reps in order to develop. Their is also the draft, which looks like a deep year for DEs. Betts, Anderdon, Kongbo, Smith, plus a couple late round gems.

They just signed Plummer today to compete with to compete with Tuggle.

Tackle is a tough one both are inexperienced, but the only way to gain experience is by playing. They may also bring in more guys to compete with Palmer and Avery.

Our ratio may not also stay the same.

It could be

SLB-Adeleke/Bennett or DE-Westerman/Cappicotti or both at SLB and DE.

I guess they’re already woken up and not sitting on their hands…

welcome aboard Valentin Gnahoua

I am not concerned with our Dline or team defence in the slightest

Hi Ticat Fans,

Thanks for your interesting replies. Wasn`t expecting so many responses !
Nice to meet you all. My name is Gord.
Sorry about being negative I am actually pretty excited about some of the good young players coming to camp . Check them out on youtube.
I am also excited about our Coaching staff. It seems like the beat staff in years.

I have 2 other posts out there that are more informative

Should be very interesting to see what they do with the ratio. I know I once asked Rico Murray which position he prefers and he said SAM.
It`s good to have Rico and Adeleke and Bennett as options at SAM
and Daly, Adeleke ,Langa and Bennett as options at safety.

Heaven forbid Breaux get`s injured Rico could jump right in there as he can play the 4 db positions and SAM.

Does anyone know anything about the French DE we drafted first overall. He looks pretty good. I look at their profiles last night and I figured they`d pick him or the big Finnish Dlineman. Our guy played at McGill then Europe.

I wonder if they will expand the roster by two to include one European and one Mexican but neither player would count as the 7 minimum national starters. I suspect they will be special teams players and backups to imports.

I like how Ambrose is trying to grow our game. Maybe there are some ET`s in Antartica that can learn our game.

Welcome! Enjoyed reading the post, and no you are not being negative - persective is good a thing and don’t get told otherwise.

Agree - like having Rico in the mix.