Does anyone think we can afford to go into the season with this weak Defensive ,
I n my eyes, Only Dennis could start for another team and our strong side corner is going to be a rookie and our weak side corner will be a sphomore non import in Hinds ....
The only saving grace might be having Shivers at safety but that uses up an import spot ....

We should have broughten in a legit starting corner at least

Opinions welcome

If this new defense Fails Head will Roll Count it.. Maybe the head coach .

There taking alot chances this year but well see.


And if it fails - and I'm sure they'll give it a few weeks at least before they panic, and it would have to be a mega-fail - then they could always just go back to what we had last year, playing zone. All last year's starters aside from Tisdale are still all on the team. So Barker at safety, Shivers and Dennis at half, Hinds and Smith (when he's back) at corner. I wouldn't like it, as I'm sure most here also wouldn't, as I felt it was one of our two weaknesses. But at least it wouldn't be a huge step backwards.

Personally, I think we can make up for any "deficiencies" we have on the defensive side of the ball by making more noise in the stands. Call me a dreamer.

Defensively, I mean every down on every play. Not just the "big plays". They're all important enough to cause a fuss about. If we are loud enough, there will be two "big plays" and a kick every time.

Don't worry about the Defensive Backfield. Let Obie and coach Chamblin worry about that. Worry about the 13th man on the D, cause that's you. Do your part. MAKE SOME NOISE!!!

I am not worried at all right now, if your going off how we got lit up in the pre-season game, dont worry bout that, not representative of how we will play come July 1st

Beswick I believe is waiting for his time to shine, hes been a beast on special teams the last couple years and theres definetly a reason he is still with the team, the coaches see somthing in him

Hinds could definetly start on another team, no matter what his passport says

Im just not worried, now if we get into week 3 and we are gettin glit up for 350+ passing yards a game...then I'll worry, but until then, I trust Obie has put together the players he wants back their, and that Chamblin has them ready to play, gotta have faith when your a fan

If Brandon Browner doesn't make it in the NFL watch for him to land here.

And if my dog doesn't stop to take a crap he might catch a rabbit.

This new attacking style defense will count heavily on the front 7(one of the best in the league IMHO) to get pressure so the man coverage of the backfield could have an easier time on coverage.
Hopefully the front 7 pressure leads to alot of picks !!!

Should I be worried as some of the fair weather fans that think winning this exibition game is like winning the Grey Cup? I expect to lose at least 7-8 games this season. 10 if you wanna count our exibition games.

We won't lose a playoff game. That won't be one of the 8. Go Cats Go.

It is the opinion of many professional commentators that the Secondary is the TiCats weakness again this season. Until a few real games are played we won't know for sure. Maybe going into their second year together the unit finds a higher comfort level which produces better results.

You must be a Calgary fan.

How could he? It's duck hunting season.

and for the away games should we just yell at our tv sets, dreamer. The only noise you will hear at my place is the click of the remote.

Hahahaha. I like this post, despite how mean spirited it seems. Still pretty funny.

Believe it or not, yelling "Go Cats Go!" at my tv set has actually seemed to work a few times!

Your remote makes a click sound? Is it from 1975?

It's mean spirited too

Does it knock over your beer if you set it down next to it?

You can bet the priority for opposing teams will be to test our again revamped defensive backfield. Ham must prove they are strong at pass defense and there are no weak spots. You can bet AC will work us over tonight looking for weaknesses tonight.