Our Defense is Shaky

:( :| ..i think our defense is very shaky......we need help on defense

Glatt isn;t good enough in the MLB position, he hasn’t learned to make the reads very well. That was one area where Simpson kicked as$. He could read the play before it even developed.

I'm okay with the secondary and front four. hwgill makes a good point about Middle Linebacker.

I agree with Sprtsmen. Marsh, Banks, Young and Washington are not terrible and we need help at middle linebacker, Glatt is messing up.

Kidd & Floyd made quite a few mistakes and bad reads on Sunday as well. It's almost as if the entire linebacking corp was sleeping.

I'd agree that your main problem is at linebacker. Glatt is not playing at the level of Barrin Simpson right now. Kidd and Floyd were caught napping on a few plays in the last game. Your secondary is fine and you've got a solid pass rush coming off on the D-line.

This is what I hate about the CFL. " Only if an import was playing that position ???????"

We are using a Canadian at MLB this year. The kid is doing pretty good.

We got personel to make us a better defence already.
First take out Chris Wilson , he's wasting an import spot. The guy never does anything , replace him with Lausher-Mackay a non-import and he gets more results than Wilson whenever he gets onto the field.
Put in Jamal Johnson into Glatt's spot, he's faster and more agressive. He just needs more time on the field and he'll learn . He'll become a great LB if he gets the chance.
And put Ryan Philips back into his old spot now occupied by Washington. IMO , he's better than Washington , faster better able to stay with his man and youger also. He had a terriffic rookie season and he'll only get better.

The secondary is a big improvement this year, but I hate how BC is allowing so much Yards after the catch. It seems like Mark Washington is the only one making tackles in the secondary. I like Carl kidd alot, he plays a big role as a leader. I havent been paying alot of attention to Javier but i noticed that he's getting any tackles out there and he's undersized.

Your defence is just fine.....except for that big hole left by Simpson (haha Sporty)....fortunately for you guys the Eskimos have absolutely no running game to worry about.....I think you wont have much trouble handing them another loss......IMO you guys also need to get your running game going to take a little heat off DD...

if you said that before the game against toronto, i would agree.

nah…instead of bringing of the house you played a soft zone and your boys fell asleep…someone needs to give Ritchie a poke with a sharp stick when that happens…

They giving up a lead in gm2
gave up 15 pts in gm1 4quatre
9 pts in gm3 4quatre :expressionless: