our defense could be a wild card

many of you admit, our defense will probably be poor this year, however i do not think so.

Let me begin with the front four. Nautyn Mckay Loescher, proven defensive end. Charlton Keith, a young guy with much upside who showed flashes of excellence in his short time with us. given a full training camp to learn the game, could be a beast this season. Clinton Wayne, while getting older, can still be a productive starter. I have faith that one of the other DT's Obie brought in this season will step up, and play better than Dunbrack did last year, and we do still have Jermaine Reid.

Our linebackers. Let me start with Zeke Moreno, the guy i consider the best defensive player in the league. I am confident he will have another MVP caliber season. Ray Mariuz, while not as talented as Jojuan, is a work horse, has a huge heart, and is very reliable. I believe he will be a solid player. Markeith Knowlton, as of now appears to be our starting weak side linebacker. He produced in BC, and should produce here. Weak side linebacker is subject to change with the heap of players such as Ryan Glasper who want the position.

Our secondary, very much improved over last year IMO. We start with our best DB's from last year, Gordon and Bradley, they have produced in the short time they were able to play, this year we should be able to see if they can do it over a full season. I believe all the positions in the secondary are up for grabs, but we have added some quality players on top of Gordon and Bradley. We have quite the battle for safety, with first overall pick Dylan Barker battling it out with vet Sandy Beveridge, and new comer Matt Greibel, who produced at New Mexico. On top of these guys, we have added quality players Jermaine Mays, who played in a loaded TO secondary, Chris Thompson, who i am told by Edmonton fans shows much promise, Dennis Mitchell, a guy Obie brought over from BC, Rontarious Robinson, a guy that has produced in Sask., and a whole bunch of new comers that round out the battle for a starting position in the secondary.

well, this is my opinion on our defense, as it stands, i think we will be ok. I will wait till the end of camp to make a final statement about it however. what do you think?

Maybe I'm missing the point but isn't this basically the same D that was classified last in most categories?

Thank God we have als4 to keep reminding us of our passed records, like we weren't there. :roll: :lol:

I'm worried about our defence. I like Moreno, McKay-Loescher, and Keith. After that, I have no idea how good the other players are.

One thing I'm sure of is there's a lot of changeover from last year, which means it'll probably take a while for the group to gel.

Same D with 7 changes, hmmm is this the new math :slight_smile:

I think our D will be improved from last year but will still be the weak part of our team buts it's ok cause our offence will be the highest scoring O in the league so it should balence out enough for us to still make the playoffs this year.


It is going to be an interesting camp to see how the newcomers shape up. Creehan is a definite upgrade over O’Neil as DC. I expect a more aggressive approach.

Oski Wee Wee,

Well, i plan to attend a few training camp days, but I like the players we have just by the size and speed they have so far. I also like the fact we have a better DC who will at least "call something" (mic'd up w/ Zeke).


Definitely not a Kodak moment.

Oski Wee Wee,